Celestial event bodes well for Aquino presidency? Are you sh!tting me?

What a non-story. Make that a leading non-story!

A cyclops laughs at the Philippines.


‘Rare celestial event augurs well for Aquino presidency’
By Ding Cervantes (The Philippine Star) Updated May 18, 2010 12:00 AM

MABALACAT, Pampanga , Philippines  – Local folks here witnessed last Sunday a rare celestial event where the planet Venus was clearly seen at an angle to the crescent moon, which they said augured well for the incoming presidency of front-runner Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

“It was a crescent moon and at the farthest rim of its dark side was a brilliant object that made the moon resemble a ring with a large solitary diamond,” resident Daniel Cabrera, an employee of the municipal government, told The STAR.

The phenomenon happened at 7:36 p.m. Sunday and excited residents linked this to the incoming administration of Aquino, saying this was a harbinger of good things to come.

Astronomist Dr. Armando Lee, founder of the Philippine’s first commercial astronomical observatory, said it was indeed a rare phenomenon.

He explained that the occurrence, which lasted for five seconds, was a “lunar occultation of (the planet) Venus.”

“It was a thin, young crescent moon in the process of covering the planet Venus as seen from the earth,” he explained.

Astronomers define occultation as an event wherein one astronomical object is hidden by another that passes between it and the observer. Lunar occultations could also involve other planets or even stars, although occultations with planets create “narrow zones” where observers could see the planet’s disk partly blocked by the slowly moving moon.

But Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration’s Space and Science and Astronomy Section officer-in-charge Dario de la Cruz yesterday said there was nothing unusual about the celestial event, and that this happens every year.

Still there are many who wax prophetic about such an event.

Through the centuries, astrologers have interpreted such astronomical phenomena.

Astrologers associate the plannet Venus with the principles of harmony, beauty, balance and the urge to sympathize and unite with others, according to wikipedia.org.      In Chinese astrology, Venus is associated with the element metal or gold, which is “unyielding, strong and persistent,” while in Indian astrology, the planet is known to represent wealth, pleasure and reproduction.           – With Helen Flores

* * *

If other (hopeful and ignorant) people view the one-eyed smiley as a good omen for the Noynoy Aquino, I must add that the Aquino presidency augurs SHIT for the Filipino people.

I mean between him and Kris Aquino, the siblings have started their monarchical reign of the Philippines — he in the government, she everywhere else (including the government).

* * *

You must’ve seen Kris on the telly declare that she will soon resign from SNN and the Buzz to avoid being a source of controversy for the president HELL-ect Ngoyngoy. However, she will continue with her teleserye and Pilipinas Got Talent.

True to Kritch form, she was quick to point out the sheer saintlihood of her “selfless” act. She said she already gave her life for Noy (and he gave the country to her, I must add), and “magpakatotoo tayo” her withdrawal from said shows represents a big income cut. YADA YADA YADA. Kris kailangang batukan ka. Don’t go preaching to people who have way, way, way, way less than you. You waiting for a bailout? KAPAL naman.

So here we go: Kris bitching about critics, Noynoy bitching about Corona, and Oh Noy bitching about them both.

Welcome to the jungle, baby. Kasalanan niyong mga bumoto sa Ignoy yan.



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9 responses to “Celestial event bodes well for Aquino presidency? Are you sh!tting me?

  1. interesado

    As I earlier said in one of my posted comments, I will not be surprised that by 2016, the bratty and braggart little sister will run for public office. The rotten ABS-CBN is already thinking way ahead of everyone else by doing an image make-over of this bitch. Political dynasty will never cease. I shudder to think of that day when she rules the country, voted by her brainwashed (hypnotised, perhaps) followers. Mag-isip isip naman kayo or better yet, get a real education if you can so you are not so misinformed that you cannot think and decide intelligently.

  2. dickhead

    That’s the chesire cat! Minus one eye.

  3. arm

    Pati ba naman ang celestial activities, gagamitin?! Haha, we live in which age again?

  4. karma chameleon

    dahil nanalo si Noy, talo ang lahat ng mga Pinoy.

  5. mulatpinoy

    good omen?! more like the eye of Sauron to me…while the yellow orcs are rejoicing, we can see the “evil” forces led by abad of hyatt 10, kamaganak inc. led by peping coquangco and the carpio led The Firm jostling for the “ring” of power…all this while abnoy is dumbfounded, drooling, scratching his shiny top and oh, a fourth force may be forthcoming as the druglords led by lacson will come to collect their loot…and to top it off, bratinella kritch will come parading in the palace, flaunting her jewelry and her gowns…thank you to the yellow force and the yellow army for bringing the circus and the abnoy abomination in our land, the Filipino people are sooo grateful…

  6. mary

    lemme just say that I approve of your post and your rhetoric. *subscribes*

  7. Nabasa ko rin yang article na yan sa Philippine Star. Ang weird thing about the report is that the title does not jive with the article. The title has nothing to do with the article once you read it. The article is about the celestial phenomenon tapos ang title eh about Philippine politics. Poor sense of journalism? I think so. Kailangan bumalik yung journalist sa elementarya to learn proper composition. Kahit nga Tagalog ang report ‘di pa rin tatama ang output kasi mali ang title. Kumbaga, may propaganda.

  8. Allan Poe

    The muslims in the middle east believes the positioning of the moon in an upward convex and a star or planet on top of it means bad omen. Good luck nalang sa mga bumoto kay Abnoy.

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