Canvassing delayed is Ngoyngoy denied

The KOALA knows: Ask me who won the elections, idiots!

All the pats on the back and mutual congratulations by Smartmatic and Comelec on the speedy transmittal of election results turned out to be way premature.

You’ve heard it said before: here in the Philippines there are only two kinds of candidates — the winners and the cheated.

But it should distress us that the countless flaws in the election process are now being exposed at Congress. I mean, for Smartmatic to ignore and flaunt election laws and do away with digital signatures is downright criminal.

Assuming they satisfactorily explain this oversight and ignorance, we still have so much to tackle — including the queue of complainants that testify to cheating, offers to rig the elections, and other sordid details.

One thinks, therefore, what does all of this mean for Ngoyngoy? How widespread was the cheating and vote shaving? How many precincts were rigged? How many instances did we see ZERO votes for other candidates not named Noynoy Aquino?

Will we see the process railroaded to meet the June 30 deadline? Will we be sufficiently assured by then that Noynoy, indeed, won the votes he did?

Someone better tell him to stop projecting himself as president. Not so fast, pare.

And someone better start telling the leeches around him that same thing, too.

* * *


Bong Austero of the Manila Standard Today was spot on when he commented on Noynoy’s smoking problem:

It is the job of the Department of Health to campaign against smoking. The problem is, there is no way it can succeed in this campaign for as long as the chief executive of the country remains a smoker. It’s just ridiculous having a health secretary going out there telling people about the harmful effects of smoking when everyone knows the president cannot kick the habit.

Therein lies what will be a recurring theme for the N/A presidency — a presidency that will be long on talk and short on action.

Noynoy loves to open his mouth, of course, often without regard for the content. It is more about form and bombast for this sensationalist actor who was probably taught this by sister Kritch — who has made histrionics and drama an artform.



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9 responses to “Canvassing delayed is Ngoyngoy denied

  1. “…who has made histrionics and drama an artform.”

    An art form that will drive many Filipinos crazy and desperate.

    Why us, GOD?

  2. hey peeps and ohnoy- visit this new anti-Noy blog- be the first to see it!

  3. ArticleRequest

    Noynoy will save the Philippines. Noynoy is SO incompetent and his support base is from class A to E that the best solution to the Philippine idiocracy isn’t Noynoy being a good president, the best solution to the Philippines is if Noynoy screws up.

    Noynoy screwing up – 6 years of learning democracy the HARD way.

  4. Autobot

    Bet those idiot zombies will come out once abnoy screws up. They seem to be Missing In Action days after the elections.

    Ganun lang, bumoto lang sila. Pagkapanalo, wala na. Stupid zombies.

  5. One of your fans

    Salamat sa patuloy na pagsusulat tungkol kay Noynoy kahit tapos na ang eleksyon. Matagal ko na pong sinusubaybayan ang blog niyo kahit hindi ako nag-iiwan ng comment.

    Saludo po ako sa inyo. More power to you.

  6. Edward

    “Noynoy loves to open his mouth, of course, often without regard for the content.”

    hahaha true true. He even criticized Arroyo for her lack of achievements.

    Everyone yellow is so eager to announce him as the president already. Glad to hear that not everyone is buying it.

  7. dickhead

    Juana Change: Some Noynoy insiders don’t wanna change – Special Reports – GMANews.TV

    there, infighting take. Volunteers now included. Link is too long so I didn’t post it.

    • easydoesit

      juan change used to campaign for clean elections and was even proud for some time that she does not support any candidate. tapos naging yellow..

      she could have been an effective instrument for clean elections or a good spokesperson for the new election format. i wonder if noy messes up and she will eventually juana change? hmm..

  8. dickhead

    Typo *infighthing take two. Hehe.

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