Low standards from a mediocre president-elect

BOY WONDER: He's so cute! Why don't we make him our national mascot?

A little discussion is in order.

You know why it wasn’t a surprise our beloved special president-elect Noynoy Aquino chose Boy Abunda? Was it because Tito/Tita Boy is an Ateneo grad? Of course not? Here are the reasons:

1. Kris Aquino’s influence peddling has begun.

2. Noynoy is a sheltered brat who really doesn’t know too many people outside his mom’s circle. How else can he suggest other people when he has been surrounded by salivating pansies all this time?

3. In more practical terms, will you nominate someone who will outshine you? Given Noynoy’s dearth of experience, he would look so incompetent if he appointed highly qualified people. IKA NGA: COMPARE AND CONTRAST!

But I digress, I believe Boy is even better equipped than Noynoy to be PRESIDENT! Yup! You heard it right here!



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13 responses to “Low standards from a mediocre president-elect

  1. Shikaze

    Even Boy Abunda has more balls than Noy. In my opinion, Noynoy chose Boy Abunda because of his popular status and thinking that Boy Abunda will put his face on DOT advertisements on every airport in the country.

  2. adolfo mortera

    he would like boy to join him kasi magkumare na sila hahaha

  3. adolfo mortera

    seriously, noynoy is a “comfort guy” hehe – i mean he can work only people he is comfortable with. he has his biases that he can’t shake off. he can’t be a statesman who can rise above personal prejudices..he can’t get out of his comfort zone that’s why he prefers living in times street, he can’t take his oath before the chief justice coz he is not comfortable with him, he can’t quit smoking coz he is not comfortable without a marlboro lights…in other words, the philippines should brace itself under a president who shuns anything, any decision that is not without blessings from people he is comfortable with. at the rate he is self destructing even before he assumes office, there may be a time within his first 100 days that people will be kinder to GMA, despite the zte and other scandals that haunt her administration.

    add to this the personality traits he has that turn off a lot of people. if you have a brat, an uncharismatic, incompetent person as president, that would spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for the nation.

    • Edward

      That’s a good analysis. Especially the “comfort guy” part. He has completely no idea who to elect or probably even what to do since he’s been living for his own sake all his life.

  4. Suzy

    Hey! Hope at last! Ngoyngoy can step down in 8 months or less if he cannot withstand pressure due to failed delivery of promises during elections – like Hatoyama did in Japan today! Who says we cannot hope for the same – if he has shame???

  5. Nakakakilabot

    Bakling na bakling yung picture.. Pag nilagay yan sa DOT, baka dumugin tayo ng mga bakla. Isama mo na din ang mga pedophiles at kung anu-anu pang masamang elemento.

    Bhoy Abunds – Another FUGLY in this Abnoy administration.

  6. ninja

    Maybe there is something we do not yet know about NA. Could that be why he is a bachelor, why he admires Boy Abunda and Dingdong Dantes so much he wishes to appoint them in government? And does this explain Noy calling his VP “my one and only” making some people liken them to the male tandem of the Best Picture nominee 2006. Oh, I’m just being nasty.

    It only dawned on me when I read about his wish to appoint Boy and Dingdong D. What kind of man admires them enough to let them rule the Philippines?

  7. Bakling Talaga

    I just visited this blog to see kung meron new post. Nakita ko nanaman etong picture ni Bhoy Abunds.. BAKLING TALAGA!!!


  8. ArticleRequest

    Boy Abunda, Dingdong Dantes, Ogie Alcasid, may idadagdag pa?


    Phil Star Ricardo Lo believes they’re all qualified and I think Dingdong Dantes, no offence needs to grow a brain and wake up because the article’s paper version had a caption: “Noynoy Aquino – Dingdong Dantes’ biggest idol”. If your idol is a delusional, lazy ass bum you have really low standards.

    Of course, Dingdong is in the delusion that Noynoy = truthful, humility, and integrity. I think i want to make a LONG write up sometime citing the number of instances Noynoy contradicted himself (not being truthful), made arrogant statements (no humility) (remember the “I don’t answer questions of survey tailenders” when asked about his lousy track record by Gordon? Or how about “JC De los Reyes is just a small, desperate man”?),and the times Noynoy exxagerated his pathetic accomplishments (No integrity; integirty is Walking the Talk, and Noynoy Talks and Never Walked) (“number one fighter of corruption”, my bills had quality”, “we have enough laws, all we need is proper implementation”)

  9. boy has taken care of his name for so long and for what? to be made infamous effortlessly by a friend who is excellent in being infamous — kris. she already divulged that she is responsible for the recommendation to her brother. ang akin lang is they are both from show business. they are good in what they do. and if they are willing to enter politics, they should first sana see the need of their industry. if one can’t do or refuses to do anything about their industry tapos because of convenience eh tatalon sa ganyang larangan, all the more I’m having respect for the likes of Kuya Germs and Edu Manzano (no matter how limited they are in resources and skills) who have rendered themselves in the service of their colleagues in the business. kris can’t even get past the kapamilya-kapuso issue.

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