Why is Oh Noy still at it?

President Homer Simpson: Coming to a banana republic near you.

The count is winding down to a close and we should expect, barring any unforeseen occurrence or expose of massive fraud, six years of President Noynoy Aquino.

Did just give you the creeps – an immense feeling of dread and hopelessness?

Oh, I forget. There are readers out there who think of us as sore losers – fomenting divisiveness and dissent when we should be rallying behind God’s anointed.

The problem with that is that he is not OUR anointed. He is a minority president, despite the big lead – or so they number show. I also doubt God had anything to do with the victory. So, stop blaspheming already.

As children who were taught to predict the world through science and logic, we learned the comfort of causality. If you do a certain thing, there would be a certain – predictable – result.

Translated into working-class lingo, this notion of predictability extends to more practical, useful terms – rather than just a change of color when you stick that litmus paper in your kilikili.

We learn instinctively that a person who has done nothing groundbreaking, revolutionary, or even industrious in his lifetime will, most likely, continue on the same path.

So much time and brain cells, thus, have been spent on HR (human resources) in an ever-evolving system to hire the best people, and keep them sharp.

Alas, the Filipino people still have a lot of evolving to do, in terms of being discerning about their candidates. That being said, what else can we do?

The rest of us can just roll over and die?

No. What then? Do we throw our support, like good soldiers, to our incoming Commander-in-Chief? Well, yes, that would be the patriotic, nay, Christian thing to do, as far as some Oh Noy critics go.

Am I being divisive with the continued existence of this anti-Noy blog? I think the word is CRITICAL.

We already know the mainstream media are not on our side. The honeymoon period of Mr. Noynoy Aquino begins not when he assumes office. It began when he declared his intent to run. Now, tell me, is that being fair? Is that being Christian? Is that being righteous?

Now, we have seen how Noynoy makes incredible blunders even before assuming office.

He reneges on a promise to stop smoking. He wants to be sworn in by a barangay captain. He wants to overturn appointments. I mean, I’m not a GMA fan at all, but whatever happened to the so-called unity he wants? The whole campaign of Noynoy was predicated on hate; it seems the hating will continue.


Let the fun continue!



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13 responses to “Why is Oh Noy still at it?

  1. Shikaze

    On the contrary, unity was never Noynoy’s platform. He had no reconciliation/unification plans. Even his own camp is split now, this makes me want to congratulate Lakas-Kampi-CMD for breaking only at the end. LP’s administration has not yet begun and there is already infighting.


    • Shikaze

      Those “sama-sama, tayo’y nagkaisa” was only part of his speeches. I never heard him say that he will unify and reconcile the opposing politicians unlike Gibo in the forums who said that the Reconciliation process will be executed in the first 100 days of his term if he were elected.

  2. arm

    Dissenting voices are always necessary lest we as a nation want to be robots, nay- headless chickens! Of course, the assumption is that the dissenting voice has something substantial to say.

    Haven’t OhNoy and a couple of other bloggers and journalists HAD many substantial things to say?

    Carry on, Oh noy!

  3. aldo

    he compares with abdala bucaram, eduadorian ex-president known as ‘el loco’ je je je!

  4. editha

    What else is new? His late mother’s administration was also full of hatred, vengeance and vindictiveness…

    They used to ridicule GMA’s administration because the appointees were made out of “utang na loob” then what’s happening now?

    Aren’t these people the same people who were around him during the campaign? Kamag-anak Inc, Hyatt 10, etc, etc etc…

    Kawawang Pilipinas…Is the new President already burnt out? He is on a one week leave!!! Oh my God!!!

  5. Obesity Jessica Sago

    His mother has vindictiveness in her heart during her presidency.. AbNoynoy is truly her mother’s son.. Cory want to get back at Makoy..pero what happened? AbNoynoy want to get back at PGMA? tingnan na lang natin.. I think that remains to be seen! As far as I know, all the accusations they had for PGMA remains accusations.. walang ebedensya! It’s going to be another Makoy in the making.. walang magawa for the rest of his 6 years term.

  6. mulatpinoy

    Despite the “moralistic” comments of some yellow folks on the existence of this blog, I don’t see anything wrong with it, this is a form of freedom of expression and is the right of any Filipino, baket abias cbn lang ba ang pwede magpalabas ng obviously biased viewpoints nila?….besides why do some people feel so high and mighty and has even dragged religion to his statements when obviously his candidate na di daw nya binoto is the epitome of mouth-frothing arrogance and a putrid source of malicious accusations during the campaign period…

    the way I see it, this blog and the other anti-noy blogs, and anti-noy facebook accounts just shows how dismayed and how mad many Filipinos are at how the elections were manipulated, influenced by the media, the LP dirty propaganda and the hair-raising support of “yellow” organizations… it’s their way of rattling at the gates and raising their hands in protest, so this should serve as a warning to abnoy to shape up or else baka di sya umabot ng six years…

  7. ALJID

    The AbNoynoy fans give me the creeps.

    “He is the son of Ninoy and Tita Cory!”

    What the? So the effin’ what?

  8. echosera

    Being divisive is when you want to pull down someone to serve your own interests. There’s nothing wrong with exposing the truth about someone’s incompetence. The principle of democracy welcomes that. Only some people don’t get that.

  9. ArticleRequest

    Very long, but can I request article by OhNoy on this? Kris REVEALS a LOT about Noynoy and how incompetent he is without his mother. (But he’s an incompetent bum with or without Cory Aquino).


    First Sister
    Kris Aquino May 29, 2010, 9:38am
    (Photos by RUDY LIWANAG)

    She’s like a traffic accident, you just can’t look away.

    This is one of the more interesting descriptions that we have heard about Kris Aquino of late. For indeed, every little thing she does fascinates; every little word she utters resonates. Almost three decades after she first roused the public’s curiosity just for being the youngest daughter of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, Kris is still the perennial object of the Filipino’s penchant for everything showbiz and celebrity.

    And now, Kris will soon answer to the moniker First Sister, by virtue of being one of the siblings of president-apparent Benigno Simeon “Noynoy’’ Aquino III.

    Many are dying to know about the role that Kris will play in her brother’s administration. Will she have an official role? Will she, her husband James Yap, and sons Joshua and Baby James move to Malacañang? Who will she wear for the inauguration? Will she or will she not leave the country after saying that she would pack her bags if she was proven to be a liability to Noynoy’s presidency?

    She is not yet sure at this point, she says, about the role that she will be asked to take on. But what is apparent is the crucial part she played during the tedious campaign that led to her brother’s victory.

    Take this: She went on leave from her TV shows; she sold her house to contribute funds to the campaign kitty; she wooed vote-rich regions, political sectors, and influential people; she rallied the support of showbiz denizens. Above all these, the much sought-after commercial endorser that she is, Kris vouched for her brother’s sincerity and straight moral compass.

    Today, Kris can only look back at all the hard work she poured into the campaign. She saw the best and the worst of the candidates and the electorate in general, she admits, but she relishes them all because she believes she was born to do this. Does she see herself going on the campaign trail once again, this time for herself?

    “I know I was born to campaign. I don’t know if this is part of my destiny. ‘Yung kay Noy, it was destiny, ‘yun sa mom ko, it was destiny. With my dad it was the one thing that motivated his entire life. It’s in God’s hands, whether to seek higher office, naka-tadhana lahat,’’ Kris says.

    In this no-holds-barred 60 Minutes interview, the Queen of All Media engages us with her campaign stories, both poignant and funny; the sacrifices she is poised to make for her family; her children, the loves of her life; why she thinks the tag Kamag-anak Inc. is so unfair to the memory of her beloved mother; why she and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy cannot be “close friends’’ anymore; and why she is most certain that in this lifetime, there can only be one and only one Kris Aquino. (Ivy Lisa Mendoza)

    STUDENTS AND CAMPUS BULLETIN (SCB): When you talk about Kris Aquino, people say you either love her, or hate her. There’s no gray area. How do you feel about that?

    KRIS AQUINO (KA): I would think that majority love me because I would not have all the endorsements I have now, well kung hindi man love at least like (laughs). Kanina kasi I was monitoring the TV, I said, oh my God puro ako, nakakahiya na, ‘yung ganun (laughs).

    I know there’s a noisy group that wants to throw so much ill at me, but that’s really understandable. Kasi my mom always said you are blessed, you have to accept people will always have an opinion of you and because you are in the limelight and you are a celebrity, wala akong choice. You have to accept it.

    SCB: And it’s OK, pinapalayas ka and all? Didn’t you set a saturation point for yourself?

    KA: Ang sagot ko dun sa nagpapalayas sa akin is that I didn’t steal from this country. Kung ‘yung mga nagnakaw nga hindi natin pinalayas, ‘yung mga pumatay nga nandito pa rin, so anong karapatan nila?

    SCB: Is giving up your talk shows a family decision?

    KA: Yes. I’m accused of so many things but when it comes to family I don’t think my loyalty and ability to sacrifice for family should and can be questioned. Because if it was just thinking of myself and the income I’ll be giving up, then I would not be leaving those shows.

    Leaving The Buzz and SNN, I think, was an intelligent choice because if you are not in anything that can become controversial, and people don’t need to throw controversies at you, hindi mo na kailangan ‘yun.

    SCB: How come people think that you would be a problem to Noynoy’s presidency?

    KA: Because of my kadaldalan (laughs). ‘Yun lang naman. Tinanggal mo na nga ‘yung show, tinanggal mo na ‘yung talk, nawala na ‘yung problema (laughs).

    SCB: Do you actually think giving up your talk shows would make a difference?

    KA: Kasi ‘yung mga controversy naman nilang binato sa amin ni Noy during the campaign came from showbiz issues sa The Buzz, sa mga taong nagpalaki ng issue. So kung lalayasan mo ‘yun or mag-ingat ka na lang, baka naman. I’d like to think positively about the future.

    SCB: Do you actually believe na kapag wala ka sa talk shows, you will not be in the eye of controversies?

    KA: No, I won’t be in the eye, but at least I’ll not be in the fire.

    SCB: What do you think of the cyber bullies whom you said have victimized you? Have you read some of the comments in cyberspace?

    KA: If it’s in the front page alangan namang hindi mo mababasa, di ba (laughs)? Ako ang gusto ko lang sabihin is that, I refuse to see myself through their eyes because I know I am so much more. I feel that my audience sees me as so much more also kasi I would not have been allowed into the homes of, if we’re 99.5 million now and half of those homes turn on their TV nightly or at least on the weekends.

    I’ve done a great job as far as my job is concerned. Mahirap kasi magsalita na hindi nagyayabang pero kasi kasalanan ko bang nanalo ang kapatid ko? Or siguro malaki ang naitulong ko sa pagkapanalo ng kapatid ko kaya galit na galit sila.

    SCB: Can you actually see yourself doing a public service show?

    KA: No, that would be trying hard. What’s on the plate right now is a new game show and I’m very comfortable with that genre.


    SCB: What was your actual role in your brother’s campaign? People saw you in the motorcades of course, but did you have an actual hand in strategizing the campaign?

    KA: No. We all took on different roles. My Ate Ballsy, because she’s very personable
    and has a way na very much like Mom, marami talaga siyang napuntahan places. They focused on the women’s groups.

    My sister Pinky who is very organized, handled the daily meetings. My sister Viel is very detalyado and very good with accounting, so she’s with disbursements and took care of media buying.

    And then, my role. My sister Pinky and I, when it was time to look for Noy’s message, you have to understand where they’re coming from, na initially they did not believe in advertising. We felt very comfortable when we met with Abby and Mon Jimenez, it just fell into place. Noy’s message became very clear and came across to people. When you tell them na we’re at the crossroads in our country’s history and it’s time to make a choice, are you going on this direction, or this direction? The message na ‘Walang corrupt, walang mahirap’ resonated to a lot of people. They did a great job there.

    I went to a lot of places that needed strengthening. Boy (Abunda) joined me in Region 8 because they have a lot of data, ‘yung sasabihin nila na, eto kailangan ka pumunta. So we went there.

    All in all, I allotted 33 days for Noy’s campaign. There’s some things that I’m not allowed to talk about and I’m sure ‘yung family ko would die if they find it on print (laughs). I do believe though I was able to help Noy on certain sectors because I had a relationship with them. And apart from nagustuhan nila si Noy, nanligaw talaga ako.

    SCB: You campaigned for your mom then, and now for Noy…

    KA: No, I did not campaign for my mom, I was only 14 then so hindi niya ako sinama. Nasama lang ako nung magkaka-EDSA Revolution na because she brought me to Cebu with her.

    It was very different kasi ibang-iba ‘yung situation under the Marcos regime and the way it is now. I was also spared from Noy’s senatorial campaign because I was bedridden. Buntis ako kay Baby James nun. Ibang-iba ‘yun talaga.

    SCB: But during that small slice you saw of the campaign during your mother’s
    time, and then for Noy, what stayed the same and what changed with the people you came across with?

    KA: Iba dahil dati, wala tayong democracy.

    And then they made a stand and you could really see the amount of courage that took place. Ngayon, ang nakita ko ‘yung fervor ng volunteerism, which I think was what also happened with Obama.

    Minsan disheartening. In the provinces, you’ll see na nagtiyaga sila to tie all those yellow ribbons, tapos papatungan ng orange, three is to one pa. You’ll see thousands of volunteers lining the streets, and near the end, you’d notice din na nabawasan.

    When I went to Cebu ‘dun mo makikita what machinery can do and also anong difference ng will ng tao. Kasi di ba si Gov. (Gwen) Garcia was very pro-Gibo and I saw a lot. Everywhere else, talaga sobrang dami ng Villar. But in Cebu nakakita ako ng maraming Gibo materials. But yet nung panahon ng pagboto, it seems na ‘yung pagiging yellow ng Cebu nangibabaw pa din because it was really Cory country from the very start.

    SCB: What memory during the campaign will you cherish most?

    KA: Marami, pero with Noy, that would be our experience in Ilocos. First time namin pumunta doon and we were so ready to be ignored. But we had to try, kasi there were so many volunteers, and we had to start somewhere. In Ilocos Norte, he was number four lang, but in Ilocos Sur, he was number two.

    On a personal level, ang hindi ko makakalimutan talaga is dadating na lang sa house mo, like 4,000 shirts from donors. And that came even before his numbers started going double digits ahead of everybody. That matters, kasi meron akong demarcation line, ‘yung mga nag-express ng tulong before Holy Week and those who expressed ng tulong after the survey na 12 points ahead na siya. You’ll really feel so grateful.

    Meron siyang isang supporter, I’ve never even met him, ang dami niyang pinagawa na watches with Noy’s face. Ngayon ‘yung bago niyang padala may suit na si Noy at may sagisag na ng pangulo.

    Meron ganun talagang die-hard na nakakatuwa.

    Meron pa akong isang funny memory. Maraming ballers, di ba? May nag-order, same building as me nakatira. Sa akin na deliver ‘yung baller, so akala ko it was for me! I sent four boxes to Shalani (laughs), other boxes to other people! ‘Yun pala, hindi sa amin! Ang ate ko, hiyang-hiya (laughs)! Seventeen boxes out of the 100 ang nabawas ko! Pinasoli ng ate ko.

    SCB: When you were very tired during the campaign, what kept you going?

    KA: May vertigo na kasi ako ever since nabagok ako when I fell in the bathroom. My balance was bad to begin with, tapos talagang nahihilo talaga ako. That was when I went with Joy Belmonte sa District II of Quezon City. Hindi ko na-realize na ganun kadami ‘yung mga bahay, gilid-gilid talaga. That day was 37 o 38 degrees, so umiral talaga ang vertigo ko. Nahilo talaga ako and all. Nagpahinga ako pero bumalik naman ako nung evening rally. It’s the motion of the motorcade, nakakahilo after a while, especially after standing eight hours straight.

    SCB: You really stood for eight hours straight?

    KA: A lot of times! Super! Dire-diretso ‘yun talaga. Minsan, what they do kung malawak like Negros, sakay ng car, baba, motorcade ng konti, speech. Fifteen stops in a day and a half.

    SCB: Did you lose weight during the campaign?

    KA: No, because they kept feeding me lechon! Everywhere we went, they knew that was my favorite food. So minsan talaga, wala akong kinain the whole day tapos at night, ang saya, lechon!

    SCB: Did you ever scold Baby James for saying (Manny) Villar’s name during a rally? Did you imagine it ever landing on the front pages?

    KA: No, because he’s a baby. Ganon talaga siya, he’s naughty. At that point he was two, age of contradictions talaga. Sabi ko nga, ‘O Bimby, you’re three na, you’ve matured na (laughs).’

    I’m not surprised na headline kami kasi kasalanan ko rin naman. Papa-ultrasound ko lang, sinubaybayan sa The Buzz. Nung nanganganak ako, nag-breaking news sa TV Patrol. It’s part and parcel of everything.

    SCB: You called Pastor Quiboloy your best friend before he endorsed Gibo (Teodoro)…
    KA: Ay inaway ko siya after. Tinext ko siya, “We could’ve been best friends. Ngayon friend na lang, not so close pa.”

    SCB: Did he answer?

    KA: Yes, sabi niya “You know that in my heart you’re my friend and Noy.” Tapos sinabi ko sa kanya “Not so. Na-miss mo ‘yung friendship.”

    SCB: But his endorsement did not have an effect anyway…

    KA: I think also, Noy didn’t win in Davao but neither did Gibo. Erap country talaga ang Davao.

    SCB: Mindanao actually.

    KA: No, Zamboanga went with us.


    SCB: Who will you wear at Noy’s inauguration?

    KA: Until matapos ang congressional canvass, ayoko talaga, baka ma-jinx. Anyway naman, kahit sino ma-choose ko, in 48 hours they can do it naman. Na-auction ko na kasi lahat ng Filipiniana na sinuot ko for Pinoy Bingo Night, and for my birthday nakapag-bigay ako ng eight houses for Gawad Kalinga. I have another auction that’s going to fund and match what Mongol gave.

    I don’t even think na may gown, kasi knowing Noy, I don’t think he’s gonna be the type. Ayoko naman na ‘yung sisters ko naka-ordinary tapos ako lang ‘yung naka-gown, nakakahiya naman, sabihin nila feeling ako! Kailangan makibagay ka (laughs)!

    SCB: Will you or any of your sisters live with Noy in Malacañang?

    KA: I already told him if you wanted us there, sabi ko it’s up to you if you want excitement (Claps and laughs)! Or kung lonely ka at gusto mo nang maiingay, kasi parati niyang sinasabi pag dumating na daw ako and my two kids, ‘yung ingay quotient daw nagiging times 100 na!

    SCB: So you’re willing to go to Malacañang?

    KA: Not Malacañang itself but Arlegui.

    We have very happy memories in Arlegui. And feeling ko mas maganda ang feng shui ng Arlegui. Kasi ang mom ko and si FVR, nakatapos ng term nila na walang mga impeachment issues, etc.

    SCB: How do you think your life will change after Noynoy becomes President?

    KA: We already know what to expect kasi napagdaanan na namin. Ngayon pa lang kasi, ‘yung guard ni Noynoy, sumasama sa akin from the campaign pa.

    I think there’s an extra level of consciousness when a family member holds the highest elected position in the land, about being sensitive of public perception. Kahit na people know that I’m paid well and people realize that I’m one of the highest taxpayers and all, may judgment pa rin kahit hindi ka elected kung makikita kang nagsho-shopping. Dapat mag-iingat ka para mas maging sensitive ka na ‘yung isang bag na bibilhin mo will feed an entire family for a whole year, maybe two years.

    SCB: And what will you defend tooth and nail not to change in your lifestyle?

    KA: Adaptable talaga ako (laughs). Para akong kangkong kasi, kahit saan mo itanim, tutubo ako.


    SCB: So do you see yourself playing an official role in your brother’s administration?

    KA: Noy already asked all of us to help him. Nung time ng mom ko kasi pag may mga visiting dignitaries, ang role ko taga-sundo sa airport. Ako naman, a good conversationalist, ako ‘yung kumakausap whether heads of state or whoever. My mom would go on state visits, I got to go to a lot.

    SCB: Pero you can’t do that now, ikaw ang susundo?

    KA: Why not?

    SCB: Kris, ikaw ang pagkakaguluhan sa airport. Kawawa naman ‘yung mga dignitaries.

    KA: (Stops and thinks for a moment) Basta I told Noy in any capacity na gusto niya. But I also said, ang daming places during the campaign na napangakuan ko na babalikan ko at meron akong mga dala para sa kanila. And then I also said na, it was in Tarlac where Noy’s political career started. It was in District 2, our district that gave him his chance. It was in District 3 where the Aquino name, where my dad started. It was District 1 that the Cojuangco, well, fortune started. So I promised to Tarlac, which gave Noy almost 74 percent of the votes na ako ang mag-aalaga sa kanila (smiles), because Noy now has to take care of the entire country.

    SCB: But do you have a preferred role in particular?

    KA: Well marami akong pupuntahan like I’m going to Cebu. I was texting with Lucy (Torres) about Ormoc. To Tacloban and Leyte, I will bring a sizeable donation from Mongol Philippines. We’re bringing school supplies. We’ve marked 12 different places na pupuntahan ko like Zamboanga.

    Zamboanga is important to us because that was where Noy did his spiritual soul searching. The Carmelite sisters are there and I personally like the congresswoman there. Pupunta din ako sa Albay because they gave a major victory to Noy, kay Gov. Joey Salceda kasi na-friend ko na rin siya. Tapos pupunta ako siyempre sa Batangas and Pangasinan. ‘Yun muna. June and July ‘yun ang aatupagin ko.

    SCB: It will first all be ‘thank you’ from your end?

    KA: Apart from thank you, kasi it came across na people look for service. Kailangan
    to show the Noynoy tagline na if there’s no corruption, you will benefit from it. Mafi-feel ninyo ‘yung impact sa buhay ninyo with something very tangible to start through NGOs muna.

    Eventually of course, after the inauguration and after everything is set in motion, ‘yun sana ang magiging tulay para makatulong. My sister Pinky was the one who voiced it very well, she said na we owe Noy’s victory to the classes D and E, ‘yun ‘yung mga dapat i-uplift na buhay.

    Classes A, B, C are only 12 percent of the population. Dapat alagaan mo talaga at iparamdam, it will not all be promises.


    SCB: Do you see yourself in the future doing this, running for a position, not necessarily the presidency?

    KA: Why not the presidency (laughs)? I know I was born to campaign. I don’t know if this is part of my destiny. ‘Yung kay Noy, it was destiny, ‘yun sa mom ko, it was destiny. With my dad it was the one thing that motivated his entire life. It’s in God’s hands, whether to seek higher office or kung maging mayor ka, governor, senator, vice president or president, feeling ko talaga is naka-tadhana.

    SCB: But minus the Aquino name, do you think you would still be as influential,
    as popular or as bullied?

    KA: It’s an entire package di ba. But I have sisters who carry the name and they did not get into my line of work, so ibang-iba di ba? But when I chose this, I’ve really given it my 100 percent. I would not have lasted as long as I have if I only relied on my name.

    SCB: What do you think of the allegations of fraud?

    KA: It’s inconceivable na si Noy makakagawa noon kasi wala kami sa posisyon (laughs). Di ba ang ibang nanalo siguro na mayroong links dun sa current administration,
    maiisip mong posible. But why would anybody move, lalo na in this administration, to make my brother win? Let’s just be honest.

    Secondly, we didn’t have the money naman to buy kung kailangan bilhin. So kung very very immediate ‘yung pagko-concede ni Sen. Villar, ni Sec. Gibo, mahirap
    mapaniwalaan naman.

    SCB: ‘Yung Kamag-anak Inc. issue, it’s one issue that tarnished your mother’s administration. What do you say now the said issue is back? Your Uncle Peping (Cojuangco) had to be on the radio this week to defend the family name.

    KA: Noy is his own man. All the elections he won prior to the presidency, mom ko talaga ang nagtrabaho to help him win. And now, of course we are very grateful for the help pero hindi ganun si Noy eh. He is not the type of person who can be bullied into doing anything, or can be pressured. Parang sa kanya, he has a very straight moral compass.

    And what you are asking about my uncle is unfair to him already and secondly, more unfair to Noy. And also, as far as my mom’s memory is concerned, I feel it is untarnished kasi nobody can say na nagpayaman ang mom ko in office and that’s the main reason why may trust quotient na napakataas kay Noy! Kasi alam nila na hindi kami magnanakaw.

    SCB: If your mom were alive, what role would she have been doing in the campaign?

    KA: Siyempre di hindi tumakbo si Noy (laughs)!

    SCB: No, hypothetically?

    KA: Let’s be honest. Hindi nga, hindi naman tatakbo si Noy! Parang ano, this came because Noy’s candidacy came about because he came into prominence after my mom died. And it was the clamor of the people na narealize nila na ay oo, may alternative pala. So kung buhay ang mom, eh di wala.

    SCB: Would your mom agree to it?

    KA: Bakit naman tatakbo si Noy? (Laughs) Hindi naman siya ganun kakilala nung time na ‘yun. At naisip lang dahil I guess nare-fresh sa minds ng lahat ng tao na mayroong mga malilinis pa naman kahit papano ang pangalan.

    SCB: If there were some things that you were not able to do during the administration
    of your mom that you would want to do now for Noy’s administration, what would it be?

    KA: With mom, we didn’t have to do anything because she could do everything. So ngayon nakita namin si Noy kailangan talaga ang tulong namin kasi wala na kaming mom. Kami-kami lang ang andito for each other. So marami talaga kami kailangan tulungan most especially because he is a man and hindi siya nagkaroon ng family so iba ang perspective mo sa buhay kung single ka at kung nagkaroon ka ng anak.

    In a way, he’ll make an excellent president kasi single-minded ‘yung focus. Pero iba rin talaga when his sisters are there to tell him…

    SCB: His nephews, your kids, are there…

    KA: Alam ninyo, malaki rin ang nagagawa ng kids ko na no matter ngayon president-apparent siya, he’ll still go to a toy store kasi niyaya siya ng dalawa.

    They went two weeks ago sa Toy Kingdom sa Podium. Kasi utang daw niya, birthday gift kay Baby James and siyempre if you buy the little one, hindi puwedeng hindi mo bibilhan ‘yung kuya. So nagpunta sila, after one hour hinatid na niya dito. Kasi ‘yun na daw yung quota niya dahil sa kakulitan nung maliit ko. Sabi niya mas madaldal pa daw sa akin (laughs)!

    SCB: When you interviewed Shalani (Soledad, Noynoy’s girlfriend) on TV, it showed on your face that you were surprised at your brother’s style of courtship…

    KA: Naloka ako dun sa line niyang ‘yun talaga because I can’t imagine him saying that! Kasi Shalani said to him, ‘Siguro there’s a reason kung bakit nabuhay ka pa.’ And then he said ‘Oo siguro I was really meant to be alive kasi 20 years after I was meant to meet you.’ Hay, shocked ako!

    SCB: First time mo bang narinig ‘yun?

    KA: Oo, from sa brother mo, hindi mo naman maiimagine na mushy mushy siya. Akala ko ako lang ang mushy (laughs).

    SCB: Hindi ba nagalit si Noy sa reaction mo?

    KA: Hindi (laughs). Sinabi ko ‘uy daming positive comments’ ‘Yes I heard,’ he said.

    SCB: What’s your relationship now with Shalani?

    KA: Well, we’re not closey closey pero we talk. She’s part of my devotional prayer group list everyday pinapadala ko. Everyday naman she says thank you sa pinapadala
    kong prayer. And then ‘pag may problema naman, she calls me. And if she needs anything she’s free to call me. Ako, if I need anything tinatawagan ko rin siya.

    SCB: She claims that she’s your number one fan.

    KA: Para naman nga (laughs). Noy said he really remembered the very first question
    she asked him was about me and if totoong kasal na ako. And then sinabi ni Noy na true din daw ‘yun na nung unang pumunta si Shalani to have Sunday lunch with the entire family, it was me daw that she kept talking about after. Kasi siguro then at her age, she’s nine years younger, ‘yung years na high school siya, I was on TV already everyday. And siguro kasi maganda siya, kung mahilig siya mag-ayos, kasi kung girl ka naman most of the time, natutuwa naman ang girl sa akin (laughs). Kasi I’m a girl. Girl na girl ako!

    SCB: Do you see wedding bells in the future?

    KA: That’s up to them to answer. Dapat si Noy ang sumagot.


    SCB: What do you miss most about your mom?

    KA: Everything. Wala kang one little thing na masasabi, the entire package talaga. When you’re sad, because you’re drawn to spare her from the sadness, then hindi mo nami-miss.

    ‘Yun nga ‘yung initial results, ‘yung nagka-cannvassing, palaki ng palaki ‘yung lamang ni Noy ‘yung mafi-feel mo, and ‘yung crowd during the motorcade na libu-libo, parang naririning ko ‘yung voice ng mom ‘yung parang pagod na ako at gusto ko nang umupo.

    Ai-Ai (delas Alas) is the funniest. She’d say “Hay naku kung alam lang nila, nung sinasamahan kita nagsusungit ka. Sabi mo ‘I’m praying, sandali let me pray.’ Magsungit ba tungkol sa prayer?” Sabi ko, that time kasi gusto ko talaga na dalawang rosary a day ang ma-pray ko, one for Noy’s safety and one just for the elections. Parang the clock was ticking, naku patapos na ‘yung 24 hours hindi pa ako nakakatapos mag-pray. Tapos katok sila nang katok sabi ko, “Nagdadasal po ako, sandali patapusin ninyo muna ako magdasal.”

    Na-feel ko mom ko kapag pagod na ko at gusto ko nang umupo, parang ang mom ko sinasabi na “They went out of their way to line the streets to see you. That’s the least you can do. Ngumiti ka diyan.” Nafi-feel ko presence ng mom ko.

    Or like everywhere she went, ‘pag maraming bata, sasabihin niya “Alam ko na mas kilala ninyo ako na bilang mommy ni Kris. Sorry hindi si Kris ang nakarating.”

    So, I am very aware of what my obligation is, especially sa ganung situation na kasi pagagalitan ako ng mom ko. Like, ‘yung babangon ka an hour earlier than usual kasi lalabas ka sa campaign naka blower ako (laughs). Hindi kasi, mom ko rin ang nagsabi.

    SCB: Like this (points to the cover of ‘Kris’ magazine, is this really during the campaign or was this photo staged?

    KA: That’s during the actual campaign in Ormoc. ‘Yan ang fresh! Hindi rin ma-get ni Noy. Sabi ni Noy kakaloka, sa entourage mo talaga may make-up artist. Dapat kasi fresh looking everywhere sa campaign. Kasi sabi ng mom ko, what people see on TV, they deserve to see in person. So extra effort talaga,‘yun. Fresh!


    SCB: Ten years ago, you were seen as bratty. But you seemed to have matured now. Is that a calculated move or you have just naturally evolved?

    KA: Thirty-nine na ako dapat lang naman na mag-mature na ako (laughs). But really, life-changing talaga ‘yung pinagdaanan namin with my mom’s illness. It brought out what was strong in each of us and we had no choice but to be strong kasi ‘yung pillar namin became weak.

    SCB: What will you show your kids when you bring them to Boston?

    KA: I want to show them our old house, kung saan kami nakatira dati, and just have a picture taken in front of that house. I’ll show them where I went to school. I want to show them my favorite ice cream place near the church lang, a 10-minute. walk from the house. Sana buhay pa ‘yung ice cream na ‘yun.

    SCB: That’s where your dad would always take you?

    KA: Yes. Then I’m choosing a hotel nearest to Faneuil Hall market. Kasi lahat ng dumadalaw sa amin dun namin dinadala, kasi ‘yun ‘yung number one tourist area talaga.


    SCB: Baby James is already a celebrity in his own right!

    KA: Sa kaniya talaga ako dapat mag-bantay nang husto because he’s three and after Noy’s presidency, he’ll be nine years old. I really have to make sure that he is grounded. Nung shinopping ni Noy ng toys, sabi niya three lang kasi three years old lang siya. Mautak, bike ang pinabili. Mahal (laughs)! I have to work very hard at making sure he doesn’t become so spoiled kasi I’m a natural spoiler talaga.

    SCB: Will you support him going into showbiz?

    KA: Of course I will, pero like my mom, sasabihin ko na hinay-hinay until makatapos
    ng high school, para kapag college maayos mo ang schedule mo. If he wants it, of course, by all means.

    SCB: You’ll be a stage mom?

    KA: Of course, without a doubt (laughs). In his last taping, ang galing-galing niya. He is a natural.

    There’s also a balancing act. Kasi ngayon, kinakaya-kaya lang niya ‘yung kuya niya. Lahat ng gusto niya, pinagbibigyan na lang. I feel the need for balance.

    Minsan kasi Josh wants to watch something, eh Baby James is obsessed with Playhouse Disney so that’s the only channel that exists for him. So kawawa si Josh, lalabas na lang, manonood na lang sa labas, kahit nagsha-share sila ng room. Minsan sasabihan
    ko, “Bimby, kailangan take turns.” “No mama, Playhouse lang.”

    SCB: I know that there’s a group working for an advocacy in special education
    who wish you could be a spokesperson for children with special needs to help increase awareness about them…

    KA: It’s hard kasi I have so much more. What helps us a lot is that Josh’s school is really good. Nahanap na nila ngayon is specialization kung saan ‘yung skills. He really plays the piano so well so ang gift ko sa kanya is an electric grand piano. Ang ganda tapos 30 percent off pa (laughs)!

    He also likes baking and cooking. He is now in the skills-based and income-generating
    transitional training na.

    Mahirap kasi I can afford the school and the therapy and the additional tutoring,
    added to that to control the hyperactivity we go to Wellness in Medical City. Mahirap to be the spokesperson kasi ibang-iba ‘yung situation ko as opposed to the others.

    But I would advocate to Noy the same way Quezon City already has SpEd built-in. I know already of other provinces that already do that.

    But I really think that before you can go into special education, ‘yung problematic
    mainstream education muna ang dapat ayusin.

    SCB: You love Justin Bieber?

    KA: Binili ko lahat ng albums para iparinig kay Baby James kasi nagagalit ‘yung tatay niya na panay Lady Gaga ang gusto at Pussycat Dolls. Nakikinig kami kanina, pero dedma siya. Ako lang ang naaaliw.

    SCB: What’s the most recent movie you saw with the kids?

    KA: Shrek in 3D, sa Eastwood.


    SCB: How do you feel that everything you do attracts attention?

    KA: I think it’s a product of having been on television everyday without fail except for the two months of bed rest, for the past 13 years.

    SCB: But other people are on television far longer and they don’t get the same attention?

    KA: Like who?

    SCB: Newscasters for instance…

    KA: Eh wala ka naman talagang personality kapag news ka eh (laughs)!

    SCB: But the likes of Korina (Sanchez) also have magazine shows. Kris admit it that it’s you. It’s not your long years of TV exposure, it’s your personality. Why do you think you draw attention? Some people say that it’s because you’re very honest and that’s what they like about you is that you do not lie about how you feel…

    KA: Kasi in our country masyado pa tayong sanay sa hypocrisy in many ways. Siguro, being true to yourself, nakuha ko talaga from my mom, people really don’t realize how frank she was talaga as a person, and how truthful — but in a quiet way, and me, in a noisy way.

    Pero okay lang kung hindi na ako pansinin, hindi ko na hinahanap na kasi may time naman sa career mo ‘yun na hahanapin mo talaga and you’d want it pero may mga moments na you realize it’s time to scale back. Kasi for so long, oo lang ako ng oo, so alam ko na when to say no.

    SCB: You’ve been in the industry for so long, do you have a long-term goal, like to be TV executive or director, producer someday?

    KA: No. My sisters all said that I should be prepared to go at 50. So ‘yun ang goal ko to retire while I’m still attractive, while I’m still popular and when I still have hit shows. I want to be able to go at my peak.

    SCB: So, the heir to the throne is …?

    KA: I think you only have one Kris in a lifetime.


  10. Ismelina

    well, if only there were 2 choices, NA would’ve lost. There are more of us who voted for somebody else. Had those votes merged in one person’s favor….hay.

    If it were different, I’m ready to vote for Erap if he were the only person running against NA. Same thing for Gordon, etc.

    The past elections had been too bad for us voters…we had too many choices. Nagkawatak watak tayo.

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