New words for a new era

Mar-abo: You wouldn't want your worst enemy to be made a MAR.

Well, hello everyone! It’s been quite a while. Don’t worry. I’m still here.

And I’m still angry.

I know it’s bad for our health, but what can we do? We are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into an Aquino presidency. The Homer Simpson-Apu tandem will shortly assume its post and man the convenience store that is Malacanang.

To say that we are waiting for Noynoy to bungle the job is an understatement. To say that we are wishing for him to bungle the job is unfair, but we can only realistically expect so much from a man who has proven so little.

Eternal optimists we are.

* * *

Here are words that take unlikely meaning in this new era of apprehension and underachievement. I’ve used them in context for you to better appreciate their usage.

  1. MAR: (noun) Abandoned and betrayed sucker. As in: “Screw my bestfriend! I hate him. He ran off with my girlfriend and made me a MAR!”
  2. KRISPEDIDA: (noun) Fake promise. As in: “My daddy said he’d buy me a Porsche when I graduated. What a KRISPEDIDA that turned out to be. Check out the Chery QQ in our garage!”
  3. PEPINGGER: (verb) To secretly betray. May be used in conjunction with MAR, but might be redundant. As in: “Holy crap! I learned I was PEPINGGERED by my brother, who’s now dating my Internet girlfriend! I feel like such a MAR.”
  4. CORONA: (noun) A person in a position of authority yet doesn’t get any respect. As in: “BP’s CEO is now a certified CORONA. Expect people to hurl eggs at him in public.”
  5. HYATT 10: (noun) Extremely opportunistic media whores: As in. “Don’t you think Kris Aquino is such a HYATT 10? She used all her programs to prop up brother Noynoy’s campaign.
  6. NOYNOY: (noun) Yaya of special kids. As in: “I really admire my neighbor’s Noynoy. He cares so much about his autistic ward. I wish all Noynoys were like him.
  7. ABAD HAIR DAY: (adjective) Ugly and bald. As in: “Pare, sorry to say but your ABAD HAIR DAY face is making me vomit.”
  8. TED FAILON: (noun) Unofficial spokesperson of a shady organization. As in: “I don’t want any Ronald McDonald explanation. Who’s the Ted Failon of your shabu dealership?”
  9. CES DRILON: (noun) Shameless bias. As in: “Oh come on, Daddy! I know you don’t like my boyfriend. You didn’t like him from Day One! You are such a Ces Drilon!”
  10. BABY JAMES: (noun) Intelligent, brave kid. As in: “How come I don’t see that Baby James bunso of Mang Ketong? They probably enrolled him in genius school.”


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15 responses to “New words for a new era

  1. iya mercado

    Yeah, me too, I’m still angry! It’s so hard to move on. 🙂 I wish I can just flea from this country to be free from the torture of the president of the media! Sana mag-coup d etat na lang!

  2. someone

    Tama yan, kontrahin nalang natin ang bagong presidente, siguro mas magiging ok ang Pilipinas kung nagsisiraan lang tayo. Think negatively people. That’s good for our country.


  3. arm

    tooo funny, oh noy!

  4. aoh noy, you’re the inspiration for my new blog! Thanks! NAKS :))

  5. tontondaga

    I think Baby James should imply that while the kid is intelligent, he is a walking faux pas to his parents.

  6. UTOLUNAN – groupies who are born losers as in villaroyo fanatics

  7. i challenge you to publish contrary opinions !


  8. ALJID

    ABS-CBN is so Ces Drilon! Niyahahaha..

    Hindi ko alam kung paano nakakatulog nang maayos yan si Ces sa mga kabalbalang ginagawa niya. Di ko talaga masikmura yang “walang kinikilingang” pagrereport niya. Halos i-wish ko boss na di na siya nakabalik nang buhay nung mahostage siya amp. O di kaya sana yung mga AB-ias-CBN reporters na lang ang na-Ampatuan. I’m so bad. I may be bad, but they are evil.

  9. mulatpinoy

    even foreign bloggers don’t expect much from abnoy, here’s an excerpt,

    “…But add to that the familial shadow that leaves Noynoy — criticized for lacking his father’s courage or charisma — looking like “Mr. Vanilla of Manila,” and the unrelenting tumult that has long defined Philippine politics, and it appears Noynoy may merely be the next passenger to jump aboard the Malacanang roller coaster. Sure, he may ride it through a few peaks in his six-year presidential term; but Noynoy’s ability to achieve any kind of long-lasting stability in the Philippines is much less certain.”

    for full article:

    WELL SAID. — O.N.

  10. inquirer- an ass-licker; an eternal protector and defender; an avid fan

  11. Shikaze

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ROFLOLMAO. Nice one OhNoy!

  12. edyeeh

    I can’t help but feel bad for Mar. Even if I don’t like him that much.

  13. I will definitely use these new vocabulary… napapanahon at nababagay sa kultura ng mga Pilipino… Oh no! y … hehe

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