A dark day for our beloved country

BI-NOY: Now the Aquinos, Cojuangcos, and Binays own us all. O DIYOS KO!

Hail to our special president elect. Ew.

Philippine Daily Inquirer once again demonstrated how much it gets off on Noynoy. Today’s screaming headline ran above the PDI masthead: “Hail to President Noy,” even as the images of a slain Ninoy Aquino and the late President Cory frame the PDI banner. Continue to milk their memory, PDI!

But where else can Noynoy’s illusion of greatness anchor upon except his departed parents’ names?

The proclamation ceremony was a victory for so many showbiz leeches, with Kris Aquino (who now formally owns the gilded kingdom) looking rightfully smug with the results. Shalani Soledad was pitifully relegated to the VIP section – not found fit to stand at the rostrum. Believe me, Kris had something to do with that. Already, the showbiz suck-ups came in full force: Dingdong Dantes and Ogie Alcasid among them. Noted also was the presence of (WHO THE FUCK ELSE) ABS-CBN bigwigs such as Charo Santos-Concio, movie producer Lily Monteverde, and even that joke Juana Change.

Mar Roxas, unwitting victim of LAGLAG, was, understandably, nowhere to be found. The proceedings must have been too painful to witness. I agree, Mr. Palengke. These opportunists will get their just desserts. Let them enjoy today.

There were chants of “APU, APU,” I mean, “BINAY, BINAY,” even outdoing the Noynoy devotees. When the veep supporters started chanting “Noy-Bi,” the yellows fell silent. Baka mabuking.

At the succeeding press conference, PNOY (he doesn’t want to be referred to as BSA) said the first order of business is to list down all problems. Uh, hello? Why didn’t you do that before running? Are we seeing a reversion to the “we have to sit down and study them” mode of yore that got everyone riled up. Sen. Manny Villar said before the presidency should not be an on-the-job training. Well, Noynoy is saying otherwise. Crap!

To be fair, there was some good that Ngoyngoy said. He said he’d review all appointments. We should give him that prerogative, of course. He needs to have people in government he is confident in. Of course, his confidence doesn’t automatically mean their competence. But that’s another story.

Noynoy said he is not beyond smoking the piece pipe with his rivals after a sometimes bruising, below-the-belt campaign. By that he surely must mean the black propaganda and muckraking that his camp and colleagues dished out.

Be careful of what you wish for, YELLOWS.



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23 responses to “A dark day for our beloved country

  1. ALJID

    I love the “Who the fuck else” comment. She’s a two-faced god-damned bitch and yet even when it is so painfully obvious, the Filipino madlang people still see some saint in her? Crap..Watch Meralco rates skyrocket. And the common dialogue lines from ABias-CBN reports, “Ang Meralco po ay sister company ng ABS-CBN.” E ano naman kung sister company ng ABias-CBN? Karapatan na ba nilang magtaas?

  2. Cez

    Straightforward, factual blogging. It gives me a lift to read articles like this, after getting heartbroken because of AbNoy’s victory, which I hope is not the “last nail to this country’s coffin”.

  3. Dickhead

    May transcript ka ng presscon ni noynoy dun sa hapunesang reporter at dun sa pag-amin nya na incompetent siya?

  4. marie

    “smoke the peace pipe with his rivals????” must have dawned on him and the LP that they don’t have the majority in the senate and congress. also, the president has no control over the pork barrel – a law which he authored and now is working against him. so now he has to “kiss ass” so the senators/congressmen will move to the LP. really hope this will not happen because if it does we are all screwed……

  5. arm

    hey ohnoy, was thinking the same thing about his answer on what he would do the first 100 days (find out what the real issues are- hence, analysis of the root of the problems)- he didn’t have a first hand view of that in those 12 years? geesh!

  6. ArticleRequest

    First order of business: List down all Problems?????!? What ‘duh’ hell?

    Di ba dapat NOON mo pa yan ginawa?

    Oh well its Noynoy Aquino who wants Boy Abunda, Dingdong Dantes, Ogie Alcasid,etc. in government. What’s new?
    First order of business: List down all problems

    By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 01:55:00 06/10/2010

    MANILA, Philippines—In his own words, President-elect Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III is not feeling “total joy” and is “a little anxious, a little eager to start solving the problems of the country.”

    Speaking Wednesday at his first press conference only minutes after being proclaimed winner of the presidential election, Aquino was casual and candid, serious and droll, temperamental but polite. And as though to reaffirm his quirky nature, he said he preferred to be called “P-Noy” and not by his initials BSA.

    Aquino has often said that he had a mind of his own, and at the press conference, he showed little tolerance to being plied with questions he had already answered, as well as being told what to do.

    “I am sorry. I am not a jukebox that has to repeat his statements already. I hope you understand,” he told a reporter from the Japanese news station NHK, who insisted that she wanted to hear from his mouth, and in English, what he had already said about his priorities in his first 100 days.

    Aquino entered the SRO main session hall of the Batasang Pambansa to chants of “Noy-noy! Noy-noy!” The electricity was not unlike a Philippine Basketball Association championship game.

    He said his first order of business on July 1, his official first working day, would be to conduct an inventory of all the problems he would inherit from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, from the budget deficit to speeding up the prosecution of criminal cases.

    “I want to emphasize that wrong identification of the problem leads to wrong solution, so there has to be correct identification,” Aquino said.

    He said it was easy to say that all the country’s problems would be solved by tomorrow but that he wanted to be honest with the public who expected much from him.

    Review all appointments

    Aquino said he planned to review all of Ms Arroyo’s appointments, not only those made in the last few months.

    “The basic principle, I think all of us will agree, is that the power to appoint carries with it the power to dismiss. I will probably ask all of these people to give me a free hand in reorganizing all of the positions attributable to presidential appointees,” he said.

    “We will try to get the best people—those with either great potential or already proven capabilities in their respective fields—to fill all these positions.”

    Aquino reaffirmed his campaign promise that new taxes would be imposed as a last resort to solve the deficit. But he was adamant that he would not support regressive taxes such as a tax on text messages.

    He said he would make the enactment of the Freedom of Information bill a legislative priority.


    Aquino disclosed a plan to pave the road toward reconciliation, saying he held no rancor against his father’s jailer, former Defense Minister and now Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

    He said he was exchanging text messages with Ilocos Norte Governor-elect Imee Marcos, eldest child of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

    “So long as we are working for the betterment of the people, I don’t see why we should be engaging in conflict that does not produce tangible positive results for the people. In that connection, Governor-elect Imee Marcos texted me Wednesday, and I did tell her they can count on me to do right by her and especially by her constituents, so long as it redounds to the benefit of the people,” he said.

    Aquino said he would bury the hatchet with his political rivals after what he described as a “bruising” and “below the belt” campaign.

    “Those who have conceded and offered to help, we will tap their experience in order to hasten the solution to our problem,” he said.

    Asked if his plans of reconciliation included Ms Arroyo, Aquino said: “My mother (the late former President Corazon Aquino) proposed reconciliation with justice. I have made a lot of promises in the campaign, especially the idea of change. It cannot be business as usual. If we are going to just replace people like in a game of musical chairs, I think I would have disappointed everybody who made this victory possible. Therefore, there has to be closure on so many issues.

    “As President, we will be in a position to effect the necessary changes. With the backing of the people, I don’t think anything is impossible.”

    Constructive criticism

    Aquino is unfazed by warnings that his tenure would be wracked by threats of impeachment.

    But he said he was “not naive” to think he would not face any crisis: “There will be some people who will not want us to succeed. There are those quarters who are saying they are itching to mount a rally against me, a rally when I have not yet assumed the position, when I have not done any action they can criticize…

    “Some members of the present administration—specifically Bert Gonzales of the DND (Department of National Defense), I would have wanted to say honorable secretary—have already promised to become critics,” he said.

    “I welcome criticism, especially if it is constructive criticism, because I am humble enough to admit I do not possess the perfect knowledge all the time.

    “Those who refuse to join us will be shown for what they are—self-centered and selfish—and they will be left by the wayside.”

    While he intends to appoint a new chief of staff of the Armed Forces, Aquino said he might keep on Philippine National Police Director General Jesus Verzosa, who had offered a courtesy resignation.

    “It’s probable that we will retain General Verzosa,” he said.

    Contacted for comment, Verzosa congratulated the President-elect and thanked him for “his trust and confidence.”

    He said Aquino’s expression of confidence was an “endorsement” of what he said was his “transformational leadership in the police organization.”

    Short break

    After wrapping up the search for members of his official family as well as his inauguration plans, Aquino plans to take a short break before June 30.

    He said Malacañang had offered security escorts from the Presidential Security Group (PSG) and that he declined because he wanted to have his mother’s old PSG personnel with him until June 30.

    Aquino is seriously considering the Quezon Memorial Circle as the venue for his inauguration, with Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales swearing him into office.

    He has yet to finalize an appointment with Ms Arroyo for the turnover of power.

    Aquino said he planned to meet with Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay at “an appropriate time.” and that he expected to come up with a post for the latter “mutually agreeable” to them both.

    But he said a number of names were being considered for the interior portfolio that Binay had declared he wanted.

    Unlimited access

    Aquino said he has just sent a text message to his losing running mate, Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, who was out of town.

    “I plan to give him some space. And when he is ready to start discussing certain party matters and other issues, of course he will have access, unlimited access, to me,” the President-elect said.

    On his Cabinet and state agency appointments, Aquino said his search committee was still processing the applicants. He said those whom he had already chosen—“The post of secretary of finance is set in stone”—were still tidying up their current activities.
    Asked if there would be a wedding in Malacañang soon, Aquino flippantly said he would have to consult fortune teller Madame Auring.

    “That is the only question which I have not answered throughout the campaign, and I will do my best to answer that as soon as possible,” he said.

    (At his proclamation his girlfriend, Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad, was in the VIP row beside singer-comedian Ogie Alcasid and four rows behind the Aquino sisters.) With a report from Marlon Ramos

    • ok na sana eh. listing down of problems. pinalusot ko na ‘yun eh kasi first phase sa process of solving a problem ‘yun — to know the problems first. pero yung unang solution n’ya na di gumamit ng wang-wang for himself eh sablay. the directive to include himself is so just a show of humility — false humility. tapos another solution n’ya is to house himself na distant from establishments that need his time frequently. kaya ayan poor health condition in traveling ang labas — stress due to traffic, wasted time getting stuck in one too many, and tardiness. ‘di n’ya gayahin sister n’ya na 3-4 times naliligo sa isang araw kaya presko lagi.

  7. Suzy

    PNoy- should be P-Ina!

    BSA- Bull Shit Aquino- that’s why he doesn’t want to use it

    all self explanatory!

    Mar Roxas – for sure he will have his consuelo de bobo later AND big time!! P—Ina!!!

  8. abcdef

    PNoy = incompetent. baka ma-misunderstood ng mga ibang bansa na Pinoy = incompetent.

  9. jansen

    Lahat ng kumokotra dito ke Noy eh mga inggit lang kayo, dahil di nanalo ang manok ninyo. Instead na magbatikos eh tumulong na lang sa bagong gobyerno para umangat at bansa natin. Palibhasa, nasa inyo pa rin ang “crab mentality”, sa halip na tanggapin ang tunay na nangyari at tumulong eh puro batikos ang ginagawa. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang bansa natin eh. If you can’t say good things, then don’t say it, instead makipagtulungan kayo, dahil bansa natin ito.

    • iya mercado

      ‘YAN ANG GINAWA N’YO KAY GMA – DESPITE ALL HER ACHIEVEMENTS! Now you get a dose of your own medicine!!! Huwag kang magbasa dito kung santo mo ‘yang may-sayad na ‘yan! Obvious ba??!

    • abcdef

      it’s not about the election anymore, it’s about noynoy’s competence. i’ve been paying my taxes and what do i got? a noynoy. damn. nilulustay niya pera ng bayan pero walang siya nagawa for 12 yrs. tapos lilipat sa condo, paano yun malacanang? yun gastos sa maintenance nun at gastos sa condo ni noynoy, nagsasayang ng pera ng bayan. o kaya kung titira siya sa sariling bahay niya, pera ng bayan ginagamit sa pang-personal? yan ang makukuha natin kay noynoy.

    • ALJID

      Reality check lang ah…We can’t just shut up if the elected leader is too damn, incompetent..Tell us something good about him, anything that would qualify him to that position other than, “He is the son of the Great Ninoy and Tita Cory.” If you can’t tell us any valid reason, hayaan mo kaming maglabas ng aming opinyon. If you can’t stand it, just walk away dude and stop reading this blog. Punta ka dun sa mga blogs na sinasamba panot mong idol..

    • i have something good to reply if something good pala gusto mo: the wonderful president Noynoy needs to use wang-wang. Why? Kasi late s’ya usually sa mga appointments n’ya bilang presidente ng bansa. Ilan ba ang presidente? S’ya lang. Kung ‘yung itinerary n’ya eh ‘di n’ya mapuntahan promptly, does this mean yung sakop na responsiblities ni Vice President Binay eh kailangan pang madagdagan kasi nga ‘di ‘ata kaya magtrabaho ni President Noynoy ng maayos? Remember ‘di basta-basta magsta-start ang isang event with him as chief guest if wala pa s’ya. This is no longer like passing a bill na suntok sa buwan kasi di naman hopeful na magiging batas.

  10. iya mercado

    Oh, I did not read or watch anything on the proclaimation day and the day after. Just makes my blood boil to see the president of abias-cbn, inquirer and phil. star!

  11. tontondaga

    bah — he sure had a lot of things to say about PGMA’s administration and now he says that he’ll look into the problem? HOMG! Noynoy Aquino: a pro at delivering confusing statements

  12. Dickhead

    Look for the taray king article on philstar. Naks, naimbyerna ang pangulo natin. Haha.

  13. mulatpinoy

    Vindictiveness, witch hunting, those will be the cornerstone of abnoy’s presidency, just look at what he did to corona and now bangit, he doesn’t even know what the word diplomacy means, at least give some respect to the positions these people are occupying…

    and I’m sure he’ll be busy blaiming pgma too so people won’t notice his incompetence as abias cnn or the Aquino Broadcasting Corporation (ABS) will be busy spinning his booboos into something positive, iba na talaga pag kakampi mo media like ABS, inquirer and star, kahit gaano ka kapalpak hero ka pa rin, kaya nga I’m sooo looking forward to our first unmarried, chain-smoking, gun-loving president..

    • yup isa yan sa mga press release n’ya lagi the whole six years — to blame someone else kapag may problema sya or ang media or tao sa kanya. poor character naman kapag ganyan. may victim complex. parang brokenhearted person na may hang-up sa ex-lover n’ya. nakakatawa na lang ‘yang ganyang attitude kapag on the 5th year of his presidency eh sinisisi pa rin n’ya ang ibang tao sa mga 2015 problems ng presidency n’ya. tuwid na daan? eh hindi s’ya makaka-abante n’ya kung lagi s’yang umaatras. counter-productive.

  14. Edward

    yun yung una kong napansin kay Noynoy. Wala siyag ka ide-idea sa kung anong gagawin niya sa first 100 days. Walang planong cabinet. As in wala.

    Lahat ng alternatibo mayroon nang nakahanda bago pa mangampanya.

    So ano si Noy? Puro papogi lang para manalo, pero wala sa isip yung mismong serbisyo

    • Remember, wala pa yang mga anak at misis to think about ha. Single pa yan and yet sinaktan na ng tiyan daw nung isang gabi sabi ng spokesperson n’ya kaya late sa appointment the next day.

  15. blissfulcow

    Yes Noy didn’t do anything but complain about GMA. Picture GMA now with loads of laundry in her basket. “Eto saýo Noynoy!” With a bareta pa.

  16. teresita

    si ngoyngoy mabuti pa magbitik na lang sya sa utot nya!

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