Noynoy, the antithesis of Ninoy

PNOY takes criticism lightly. "Barilin kita, Oh Noy! P*&anginamo!"

Okay, class. Our lesson today: comparing and contrasting.

Ninoy… welcomed criticism.

Noynoy… hates it with a passion.

Ninoy… studied issues.

Noynoy… asks others to do it for him.

Ninoy… charming.

Noynoy… alarming.

Ninoy… full of self-determination.

Noynoy… full of Kris’s determination.

Ninoy… happily married.

Noynoy… happily smoking.

Ninoy… the Filipino is worth dying for.

Noynoy… the Filipino is worth lying to.

Ninoy… original.

Noynoy… Greenhills copy.

Ninoy… media man.

Noynoy… media’s man.

Ninoy… loyal.

Noynoy… ask Mar.

Ninoy… brave.

Noynoy… brave talker.

Ninoy… working class protector.

Noynoy… Haciendero protector.

* * *

Check out the insightful column of Emil Jurado on Manila Standard Today as he gives us a look at how Ninoy was, compared to the joke we elected into office.

* * *

Did you guys see Kris Aquino on SNN? Looking more, well, normal, she told future ex-Tourism Secretary Boy Abunda that she has changed — that presumably she would get a better grip on her tact.

Oh, but some things never change.

She used SNN again to thank the Filipinos who had voted for her special brother into office, and that she promised to get the rest of us Noynoy non-believers onto their side.

Well, easier said than done. So far, you and your brother have done SQUAT; you’ve made enemies instead of allies.



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13 responses to “Noynoy, the antithesis of Ninoy

  1. easydoesit

    ang galing naman, ohnoy!

    did you guys hear about kris promising to give 1/3 of her income to charity? i hope all of them will stop talking. after all, nanalo na sila di ba? sana gumawa na lang sila.

    a columnist wrote last week that noy should realize he is not a majority president so he should work on keeping his promises to those who bought inquirer and watched ABSCBN and prove to the rest of us who did not vote for him that he is worthy of the fraud, i mean, post.

    di na kayo nangangampanya. you don’t to keep selling noy everyday and remind us of how great he will be. show us the greatness you’re selling. kumilos na kayo!

  2. abcdef

    showbiz + politics = more bullshit and same bullshit

  3. arm

    That was just last night on SNN- when Kris thanked the Pinoys who voted for abnoy and when she said, “they” (siblings?) would work on wooing the rest who didn’t. She even bragged that she only had 11 more SNN days to go before she scrams from the show. In those 11 days, we will definitely hear more abnoy marketing.

    On another note, last night as well, abs showed a lengthy clip of abnoy playing with his nephews- enter anchor woman saying in Filipino “see??? he will be the first single president of Pinas but it doesn’t mean he isn’t a father figure”. This is called news?! Inaykopo!

  4. ALJID

    SNN is also so Ces Drilon….LOL!

  5. Hello friend 🙂

    Isa ka sa mga napili ko for TOP 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2010!

    Congrats in advance and I am hoping that you will continue blogging… Hehe 🙂

    Goodluck! Sana makapasok ka sa overall Top 10…

    I am hoping to see you rin sa awards night 🙂

  6. jk

    wahahahahaha!! natatawa ako habang binabasa ko! :DDDDDDDDD

  7. mulatpinoy

    comparing ninoy and abnoy is like comparing a true de beers diamond to a PNB (Pwit Ng Baso) or a zirconian diamond…the former was forged by immense heat and pressure, his strength of character, charisma and achievements were not only inborn but also the result of hard work and internal fortitude while the latter is pretending to be something it’s not, a fake, marketed and polished well to fool a lot of people…

    besides, what can you expect from someone who has always lived in his parent’s shadow, pampered like a kin of a true haciendero, and has gotten away of sitting in 12 years in public office with nothing to show for, he only has to thank the oligarchs like himself, the taipans, roll-on abad and hyatt 10, the druglords like Lacson and of course, the ultimate godfather of the yellow mob/mafia, Don Peping and the Coquangco clan for fooling the foolish Filipino voters in thinking that abnoy might be a diamond in the rough when in fact, he’s as fake as his sister’s pa-masa manner.

  8. Edward

    Good comparison.

    I wonder why I didn’t hear this comparison in the campaign… hehehe. Since they’re using Ninoy’s memory to boots Noynoy, they should have gone to specifics 😀

  9. Ismelina

    is it just me or i am seeing something more with this photo and caption?!/photo.php?pid=5702558&id=627848178

    it’s so hard trying to keep quiet and not think negatively, when things like photos and captions subconsciously give you something to think about.

    • Ismelina dint work…please go to my wallpost to see the screenshot. or copy and paste the link instead.

  10. cebuano

    nakakadiri talaga itong mukha ni Noynoy. Para siya yung isdang parokyano sa Krabby Patty.

  11. Ismelina

    well, as America’s brown brothers, we really have to experience having a bachelor president, since they experienced it too…*sigh*

    it was different then, you can afford to mess up and the world was isolated then. Buchanan was one of the worst presidents and since then, I don’t think they ever voted into office a bachelor candidate.

    Fast forward to today’s fast-paced, more complicated society….we can’t afford someone like NA to mess things up further…however, it has been laid out, we must persevere despite this, because I think having him means we have to suck it up and grow the hard way….:(

  12. Hiram Abiff

    How come we only go back to his papa & mama? Why not go a little bit farther up… Di ba si Lolo Vice President natin during the Japanese Puppet Government, a.k.a. Japanese Collaborators? Just thinking out LOUD…

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