When the problem is your face, how do you face the problem?

THE SIIIIIMPSSSSSOOOOONNNS! The most good-looking tandem ever in the history of Philippine government. NOT.

Curtain raiser (with apologies to Ricky Lo of the Star): Did you know what else Mr. PNoy did when he went for a weeklong breather after the elections? Well, if you will notice a couple of things different about his appearance, that should tell you.

First, he had Botox done to his oh-so-handsome face. Wow, sosyal!

Second, he had his nicotine-stained teeth whitened. Tip, Mr. President-elect: it would be cheaper to stop smoking like you promised.

* * *

Big Mike vs. Big Forehead: I never thought I’d see the day, but FG Arroyo actually made lots of sense as he chided PNoy about all the bitching and criticism he’s dishing out. Big Mike said that PNoy must think he’s still president of the opposition. He should stop dividing the nation and think about unity.

* * *

You may call me First Lady: Aside from looking smug, Kris seems to be consciously trying to be, well, CALMER. That certainly seems the case on her SNN program with Tourism Secretary Boy Abunda. You know she’s having a hard time censoring herself, so you just have to laugh and wonder when the real, MEAN, TACTLESS Kris will let go again.

But the meanness is still within. You can see it in her eyes. Maybe the evil can be surgically removed.

* * *

Not so fast, Apu! VP-elect Binay has apparently been thwarted by Homer Simpson-Aquino. Though very publicly saying he wants the DILG portfolio, Binay is by no means a lock. Noynoy is considering other candidates such as Cavite’s Jesse Robredo. In fairness, Binay seems to have forgotten that he ran under a DIFFERENT CANDIDATE and PARTY.



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6 responses to “When the problem is your face, how do you face the problem?

  1. elisandrox

    let them cover and renovate P-NGOY’s face and hair. but the real dirt will come out authentic everytime he opens his mouth and does more gaffes.
    channel 2 is fast becoming a government station for P-NGOY, reminiscent of channel 4 during marcos administration. every single petty activity of P-NGOY is chronicled and magnified, positively of course. and kris continues to use her shows to promote herself and P-NGOY. they all suck!!!

  2. easydoesit

    i hate when kris has to count down her last few days on her shows! i mean days can never compare to the six years – granted that noy will last six years – that we have to endure all of you!

  3. arm

    Anybody catch the usage of abnoy of the word “penultimate” during his first presscon? He mentioned the term several times. I doubt he used it correctly on all occasions!

  4. Jesse Robredo is from Naga in CamSur (for those who still prefer the more traditional name, it’s Camarines Sur).

    It would be better for us if Noynoy stops his tobacco addiction. Alas, he is still psychologically hypnotized by tobacco companies, along with millions of Filipinos. Guess who gets to pay the bill every time he screws up. It starts with a Y, ends with a U and has a vowel in between. Clue: The last letter in Noynoy’s surname.

  5. jojo

    I heard him over DZBB 594 He is the Mayor of Naga City.He had done a great job in this virtually low profile city yet his accomplishment as Mayor is great…

  6. ann

    robredo, panlilo, padaca ang nagsimula ng kaya natin movement. it’s for good governance. maganda yun samahan nila kaso nasira pagtingin ko nun sumama sila kay noynoy, which in fact doesn’t practice good governance. sayang yun sinimulan nila. kasama din si harvey keh, kaso nagpasilaw din sa kasikatan ng dilaw. ayun nilamon na din ng sistema yun sinimulan nila.

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