Shalani on the way out?

Sha-loser? Note the worried look of Noynoy's uhm, er, what is she???

Just like yesterday’s news, Shalani Soledad seems destined to be tinapa wrapping. PNoy (poging Noynoy) can’t seem to decide on what to do with her. After helping him get the support of stupidly “kilig” voters, Shalani is now becoming increasingly irrelevant and marginalized.

At least Ogie and Dingdong were offered posts.

We saw how she was relegated to “OTHERS” status at the legislative proclamation of her BF (MU?) PNoy – where Noynoy didn’t even ask her to stand by him at the rostrum.

Now, we don’t even know who will be holding the Holy Bible at the formal inauguration of BSA (bullshit Aquino). The honor traditionally belongs to the spouse of the Chief Executive, but in Noy’s case, he has avoided answering definitively.

Oh Noy also heard a little birdie tweet that the Aquino siblings really don’t like Shalani (Kris has made that so clear), and that they are maneuvering for the young lady to exit her ugly BF’s life soon.

It’s all politics nowadays for this Aquino bunch. Politics and public perception.

* * *

Long live Corona! Noynoy BOO!

Displaying the true independence of the Judiciary from the Executive, Chief Justice Renato Corona – the same guy who PNoy (as in Pikon Noy) doesn’t want to swear him in – has “ordered a review of the long-standing labor dispute involving the vast estate of the family of president elect Benigno Aquino III in Tarlac,” according to the Philippine Star.

Poor Hacienda Luisita farmers (it is more proper to call them serfs, if we look at the way the Aquinos and Cojuangcos treat them) apparently wrote the Chief Justice, requesting him to review and act on an UNBELIEVABLE FOUR-YEAR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER against the distribution of the sugar plantation in accordance with CARP.

If you ask the Cojuangcos and Aquinos, they’d rather stick to the stupid SDO (stock distribution option) they forced down the throats of the farmers – not true land distribution as mandated by law. We know, of course, that (bless her soul) President Cory Aquino had conveniently excluded the Hacienda Luisita from agrarian reform – said to be the centerpiece of her administration.

The farmers wrote:

“It is in the highest interest of the Filipino people and farm workers of Hacienda Luisita to end this long-running feudal reign and exploitation with the immediate, unconditional and free distribution of Hacienda Luisita to 10,000 farm worker beneficiaries…”

The article continues thus:

Joined by Anakpawis party-list group and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan), members of the Hacienda Luisita unions have protested the move of the Cojuangco-Aquino family to put up fences around 170 hectares of the estate.

The Luisita Estate Management has been transferring hectares of lands to commercial banks and foreign commercial enterprises despite the TRO issued by the SC, the union members alleged.

Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano said Hacienda Luisita’s distribution to farmer-beneficiaries would remain “an impossible dream” under the Aquino administration.

“Another Aquino administration will provide the Cojuangcos all the political ammunition to deny farmers of their rights to the land,” he said.

Arthur Cadungon, Bayan-NCR spokesman, said Aquino should make himself accountable for the mass killing of farmers in Hacienda Luisita in November 2004.

“Like what he wants to do with the culprits of the Maguindanao massacre, we want to see how decisive Noynoy will end impunity in the country and how he will serve justice to victims of the brutal mass murder of farm workers of Hacienda Luisita,” he said.

Ayan, binoto-boto niyo ang berdugo, e.

* * *

Kris Aquino to SHUT THE TWEET UP?

PEP reports:

Kris Aquino: “I will suspend being active on Twitter”

Actress and TV host Kris Aquino-Yap posted in her Twitter at 5:40 p.m. today, June 18, that she plans to cancel the account. Her reason: To keep “what is left of our privacy.”

Known as itsmekrisaquino in the popular social website, the celebrity host’s tweet last week caught the public’s attention. She wrote (published as is): “Stress & long hours led to a big misunderstanding. I have never lied to all of u until now hindi pa completely na-fi-fix. That’s y I’ve just chosen to keep quiet since it’s something very private.”

The telling statement elicited several responses from her followers, and was picked up by the media. Though it did not turn into a full-blown showbiz controversy, Kris decided not to fan the flames.

Her latest tweet read: “I received this tweet several days ago—bakit hindi nyo minemention si james sa mga tweet nyo, only josh & baby james? I replied to it w/ honesty. My attention was called by Noy about this. So in the interest of keeping what is left of our privacy—I will suspend being active on twitter.”

Kris reasoned that leaving her Kapamilya talk shows, SNN and The Buzz, will not “make sense” if she maintains a public Twitter account, where her posts will be susceptible to judgment and speculation.

“Sometimes being quiet (obviously difficult for me) is the only prudent course when u r the sister of the country’s president elect. Thanks to all who followed my tweets,” she ended.

You think she can endure not hanging her dirty laundry in public for so long?

We know that Kris is such a media whore – delighting in exposing every minute detail of her life in every forum she can appear in.

As for her last tweet, we have known for so long already that trouble has been brewing in her sham marriage to James Yap.

As Mr. T so eloquently put it: I PITY THE FOOL!

Well, Kris, I hope you can resist not tweeting – and not commenting on TV, either.

Good luck to you with that one.

And James, good luck din sa yo, pare. Andami pa namang NORMAL na babae diyan e.



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30 responses to “Shalani on the way out?

  1. Obesity Jessica Sago

    Mabuhay ka SC Justice Renato Corona!!

  2. elisandrox

    just like jamby who has a “show” husband, P-NGOY has a show gf…a friend who happens to be a girl. Privately, Shalani may be hurting. I wonder why his relationship with Korina and Bernadette didn’t last long either..

    Kris is not comfortable with Shalani, who is a lot prettier and likable than her. Kasi naman, if PNOY marries Shalani, wala na sa eksena si Kris.

    But I’m intrigued by PNGOY’s reluctance to marry. Could it be that he is a closet………?

    • dolphin

      no. it’s because he’s lost his sexual drive -based on his psychiatric record. that’s probably why he can’t marry. maybe he likes shalani but his liking is not as the same liking a normal guy feels. you know, skinship.

  3. Binastos bastos niya si Corona… now, panahon naman niya para ungkatin ang baho ng inyong pamilya….

  4. easydoesit

    OhNoy, you should also give the same advice to Shalani. Mare, there are too many men out there, don’t limit yourself. Maybe for you, being in Noy’s life will open a lot of doors – remember, it could (and maybe already has) close(d) a lot for you.

    As for Kris and her Twitter suspension, don’t think of it as another sacrifice like she would like you to think. I think she has a lot to do with Ogie and DingDong bieng offered those posts. I’m actually scared that DingDong might say yes.

  5. aquinong anti-noy

    sinasabi lang ni kris ‘yan para mapag-usapan siya. sasabihin ng mga supporters n’ya, “what a proper lady!” e puro broken promises lang naman binibitiwan n’ya sa publiko. tatanggihan n’ya ba ang libreng publicity now that her bro is the president?
    nice acronyms!

  6. archie

    kudos to judge corona, though he was appointed by ms. gloria arroyo, he proved that he is part of the justice system and not just going to be a puppet for homer simpson err… noynoy aquino. as for kris aquino? eh gago ka pala nagsisign-up ka sa twitter tapos ngayon magdadrama ka na nawawala ang privacy ninyong mag-asawa? for miss shalani? i want to pity her pero she’s partly to be blamed with what’s happening to her right now, masyado siyang naniwala sa abnoy na yan… whether she’s also ran by greed of power and stature or she was just plain utu-uto sa mga salita ni noynoy abnoy, siya na lang ang nakakaalam.. nakapag-aral naman siya, may accomplishments sa buhay pero willing magpakabobo sa incompetent na tulad ni noynoy tsk tsk

  7. arm

    Shalani minus peenoy is a much better sight to behold! But seriously, was she just abnoy’s palamuti? She is now a goner?

  8. micah27

    grabe ang support ni shalani ky ngoyngoy to the extent na hiniya sya ni kris sa pamamagitan na kailangan sumumpa si shalani sa harap nya (kris) na mamahalin nya (shalani) ng todo todo c ngoyngoy napanood ko yan sa tv patrol . . .

    para kay shalani . . . sana magising ka habang may panahon pa . . presidente nga c ngoyngoy pero hindi sya asset sa buhay mo . .

    ang ganda ganda mo shalani at nasisiguro ko na maraming magkakagusto sa yo . . na mas sobra ang katangian kesa kay ngoyngoy kahit itanong mo pa kay senator ping lacson

  9. purpleplume

    it’s sad that Shalani is treated that way by P-Ngoy and his siblings. P-Ngoy can’t even stand up for her or defend her. What kind of BF is that? Not even the Presidency can be good enough excuse to treat her shabbily. she’d be better off if she went for the exit door right away. but then I think she’s trapped in this yellow family. Shalani will not be allowed to break up with P-Ngoy since she is being used as “props” to show that P-Ngoy is a normal guy who falls in love and into that romantic crap too. Tsk, tsk… Poor girl.

  10. princess

    oh well what’s new???
    Shalani is just a palamuti to Ngoy Ngoy
    it’s all for a show.. now that Ngoy NGoy is elected then the show is over.

    if People put Cory in power via EDSA
    then sooner or later People will throw Ngoy Ngoy in EDSA

  11. daniela sta. Maria

    well, that’s the problem when shalani let ‘the directors’ use her as the leading lady of the campaign period! As pa-consuelo, since the makamag anak Inc. ( I think ), will never approve of her, she’ll definitely receive a talent fee & separation pay!!!

  12. editha


  13. guitardedmaniac

    palabas lang pala ang lahat..well , politics..the dirtiest game in the universe

  14. Edward

    Maybe you could put a thought cloud on the picture, Shalani thinking:

    Oh why the hell am I stuck here? I should have known that the Aquino sisters would politicize our relationship and use us for publicity! Now I can’t get out of this crazy family!

  15. ArticleRequest

    Hopefully may magpapalit na kay Kris Aquino. like Noynoy Aquino she didnt get into showbiz because she was a good singer or a great actress. Basta Aquino ang apelyido mo pwede na yun. Gunggong = ABS CBN.

  16. mulatpinoy

    never really bought the shalani and peenoy media ploy, it was obvious that his handlers had to put up a pretty and well-mannered lady as his girlfriend for his campaign lest he be questioned for being bading, and now that he has fooled the country, poor shalani is being shown the door …same goes for james yap, i’m sure after the inauguration of peenoy, the true state of his marriage with kris will be the next headline, no wonder kris had to leave her chismis shows, she might steal peenoy’s moment…

    now will the best time for the hacienda luisita case to be resolved because the public will be more vigilant and will be watching every move of the conquangcos, if peenoy will keep his word, he should be keeping his nicotine-stenched hands off the judiciary and let justice run its course, it’s about time these poor farmers get their lands, something they were deprived of for so long..

  17. blissfulcow

    The only GOOD thing I see in Noy’s line up is his appointing Alberto Lim for DOT. I hope he is not swayed by the idiocrasy of Aquino and God forbid Kris and Boy Abunda.

  18. The Glib

    The Shanoy, Noyani (whatever is the name of their team) is but a big hoax. That was all a show and all shows have their finales. I’m happy that their love stories will be ending soon so Shalani can go and find someone who can protect and defend her at all extent, someone who has no reluctance to marry her and specially, someone who doesn’t entrust their fate to a dubious manghuhula.

    I just hope his indecisiveness to marriage will not be reflected to the decisions he’ll be making for our country.

    I still believe though that he can be a good president better than the out-going. 🙂

  19. ALJID

    @The Glib: Noynoy better than Gloria? Noynoy doesn’t even have the balls dude. Puro na si Kristeta ang nagdedesisyon e. And it has always been about Mama and Papa.

    • The Glib

      Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. He hasn’t started his term yet.
      How can that always be about Mama and Papa now that they’re gone? Just when did death succumbs to mortality? And oh, you’ve got a good point, it will always be Mama and Papa, technically because he carries the traits he inherited from his parents. He’ll always bring in him significant parts of his parents like how you, yourself, carry some inheritance from your own parents.

      Why shouldn’t we invest in the thought that he can be like his parents because he got his roots from them? He got the best genetic combination.

      As for the out-going, what’s left is my utmost respect to her and recognition of what she has done especially to the national roads in Surigao. However, wrongs cannot be nullified by doing a single act of goodness.

      Take Care Aljid.
      I’ll pray that you can gain your trust to the new admin. Otherwise, you’ll combat with your own skepticism for the next six years or so. سلام! PB!

      • ALJID

        Kung pano siya magbitaw ng mga pananalita niya, parang di siya anak ni Tita Cory at Boss Ninoy. Biruin mo sabihin ba naman niyang, “Sana dalawin sila nina Mama at Papa,” sa mga taong nang-iwan sa kanya pagkatapos ng eleksiyon. Hanggang ngayon bukambibig pa din sina Mama at Papa. Walang respeto sa kaluluwa ng sariling mga magulang. How can someone like that earn my trust and respect? Si Mama and Papa. Bow. Hanggang ngayon ginagatasan niya pa din ang alaala. The best genetic combination? Hanapin ko muna kung meron siya nun ah.

      • tp

        so ano masasabi niyo kay kris, anak din naman siya nila cory at ninoy

      • The Glib

        Haha. I never thought some people got poor sense of humor that’s why they took jokes to be serious. Humans are multidimensional. What you might have known of him is just one of his dimensions- being a son who has an undying love for his parents. Your perception of him shouldn’t be limited to a single compass.

        As for yielding to the memories of his parents, let me answer that by asking you, will you ever forget your parents? Will you not be proud to tell the whole world that you are your parents’ son?

        Tell me if he hasn’t earn your respect and trust after his term when we all have the basis for a more valid judgment.

        TC! 😉

      • ALJID

        Wishing your parents’ souls to haunt other people is not a good sign of showing your undying love for the memory your dead parents. I’ll never forget my parents and I won’t step on their memories as a doormat before the door to power.

        And I want to ask you too. If he wasn’t the son of the Great Ninoy and Tita Cory, would you honestly vote for him?

      • The Glib

        I actually haven’t voted for him. I was pro-green. But if green did not run, I would have voted for him not because he is the son of the democratic icons but because I believe in his Anti-Corruption campaign. I have fully welcomed his leadership even if he wasn’t my bet. After all, he is now my, our President.

        Your statement of voting him ONLY because he is the son of Ninoy and Cory is a a big underestimation to the judgment of the ones who voted for him. DO NOT MAKE A SWEEPING ASSUMPTION.


    • ALJID

      It’s not a big underestimation. It’s not an assumption. It’s the sad truth. I have asked everyone around me who voted for him, “Why him?” As usual the answers I’ve heard are the same, “He is the son of Tita Cory and Ninoy..” And my reply would always be, “Ninoy and Tita Cory is not Noynoy..” As usual the reply would be like what you said a few replies ago, “Kung ano ang puno, siya din ang bunga..” Your version was, “He got the best genetic combination.”

      You would have voted for him because you believe in his anti-corruption campaign? What a weak explanation from a Noynoy fan. He served in congress for more than a decade but with nothing to show. Saan na napunta ang pork barrel niya? Hindi nga siya corrupt (insert sarcasm). Gordon and Gibo are more believable. Of course, the root of your belief is still pretty obvious but you don’t want to admit it. He is the son of Tita Cory and Ninoy. He can’t be corrupt.

      Anyway, since you can’t hide the obvious fact that you love and adore Noynoy, it is really pointless to pretend you “were” part of the Greenies like me. Do not be afraid to show your true inclinations dude. Besides, according to you, he got the best genetic combination out there. Courtesy of Mama and Papa.

      • The Glib

        Okay. I don’t owe you any explanation as to who was my real bet last election. I was for green and it can’t be changed because I have done shading his name on the ballot.

        Who are you to tell me what’s my real inclination? And I am not pretending. Forthrightness is what I say. I have accepted the fact that Yellow down-threw Green. It cant be changed ,in fact, he will be officially sworn into office tomorrow just in case you don’t know.

        I say with utmost pride and sheer certainty that my new inclination is P-Noy because I HAVE MOVED ON. YES, I am keeping my faith to the new administration. Yes, I believe that Yellow can make a great difference. Yes, I am Pro- Noy now. Want more?

        Ikaw, are you still stuck in the good old days? Well, MOVE ON gentleman. The entire Philippines is moving forward now (oh well, except you). Want to be left alone? Don’t you want to see the the Change?

        GIBO has moved on. Why can’t you?
        Please spare yourself from the ravage of your overripe political inclination.

        Anyway, I don’t make WAR here. If I have offended you, I am deeply sorry. Peace be with you! 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    Pero yun ang madalas na rason ng mga bumoto sa kanya. Lalo na yung masa.

  21. si shalani kasi eh mistulang PR (press release) ingredient lang during the campaign up to the inauguration. also, for those times na kailangang good image sa news si buwang-wang every now and then. kasi naman the PR machine of buwang-wang needs to put the gap on the hole (lack of wife and kids). hintayin nyo lang pag dating ng panahon, si buwang-wang ang magpapa-reconcile ke kris and james. orchestrated na kasi yan. the result: buwang-wang unites families.

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