James is free; Liz Uy set to replace Shalani?!

James Yap finally gets a shot at a normal life! Congratulations!

Now it’s final (at least for today). Kris has officially split with James Yap. We’ve seen how the two put on their “we’re okay, really!” faces during the course of the campaign of kuya Noynoy (incidentally, doesn’t it bother you Kris doesn’t accord Noynoy that respect?) With the impending canonization, er, inauguration of our first special president on Wednesday, Kris has obviously seen no more use for the sperm donor.

Besides, Kris will be too busy playing first lady. She doesn’t have time for her husband – who can’t even pronounce “Josh” correctly (he says “Jos”). And if you think Shalani will play any sort of real or imagined role, the answer is a definite NO.

Shalani, as mentioned earlier here, will be eased out. Watch for the unceremonious dumping of Shalani. We heard a little birdie tweet she will be ditched in favor of Liz Uy. Of course you know her… she’s the ex of John Lloyd Cruz – who’s now gone on to a younger model named Shaina. As for Noy and Liz? Well, apparently the Aquinos think this is a better match because Liz comes from a better (read: moneyed) family. Oh well. At least Shalani got a council seat for her trouble. We heard that Liz Uy will be made an official stylist of the president-HELLect first, then their love will bloom like a blister in the sun (apologies to Violent Femmes).

Wow, to go from John Lloyd to Noynoy! Can you imagine that? Talk about low standards. Hmmm… pwede na. Sige na nga. Presidente naman e!

Don’t you just love Noynoy?

* * *

We wait with baited breath for the unlikely and nauseatingly real swearing in of P-Ngoy on Wednesay. We’re getting the day off to witness the event – but I think the lot of us will be better off watching the slew of great films this time. Can you stomach seeing the Aquinos in their smug, we-own-the-Philippines look? That would be really nauseating – and painful to watch.

Ah, my eyes! Arrrrgh!



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18 responses to “James is free; Liz Uy set to replace Shalani?!

  1. Jerry Ocampo

    napakalaswa naman po ng retrato ni kris and james. sana naman ay huwag ipubliko ang favorite position nila.

  2. mulatpinoy

    Congrats James Yap, Ibong malaya ka na…no more putting up with the fake bwitch and no more charades now that BS Aquino will be sweared in as President while 60% of the nation watches, swearing profanities…

    His media cohorts really know how to keep the public in awe of BS, elevating him to celebrity status ugh! a blatant attempt to cover his inadequacies, kudos to them, they sure know how to manipulate the public..I just hope BS will realize that the Philippines will judge him on his performance not on his popularity..

  3. craig_d

    “Wow, to go from John Lloyd to Noynoy! Can you imagine that? Talk about low standards. Hmmm… pwede na. Sige na nga. Presidente naman e!”


  4. Jan

    “Can you stomach seeing the Aquinos in their smug, we-own-the-Philippines look?”

    You got that right! This is the exact reason why I am not going to watch anything related to this circus.

  5. arm

    oh, i WILL be watching the circus! not because i am a convert, but because we need to observe this new president closely at all times lest he get away with small, schooopid things… we gotta be vigilant, guys!

  6. Hnh

    yeah, seeing an intelligent blog post like this kinda makes me think why that special person won the presidency in the first place. we’re gonna need more than divine intervention for the Philippines to be saved.
    kawawa naman yung liz uy. parang sacrificial slab of meat lang sya para sa special monster who lives high up in the mountains.

  7. dickhead

    Don’t forget the bonus comedy the comes with it!

  8. ALJID

    The inauguration yesterday made me cry. But in a different way. Nakakaiyak tignan yung dami ng tangang naka-yellow kahapon.

  9. joseph macalincag

    This is exactly why our country does not move forward. Instead of uniting, you keep encouraging people to hate on our government. This is idiotic and stupid, there are no basis, evidence or proof for anything you post in your stupid little website.

    PS. Leave kids out of this you idiot.

  10. joseph macalincag

    I’m done with your site. Stupid idiot.


    • mojojojo

      @ Joseph: natawa naman ako. kaya pala hindi tayo umuunlad kase we’re not united pala. samantalang nung campaign ng yellow mafia, sila ang nag-launch ng pinakakarumal-dumal na mudslinging sa kasaysayan ng pulitika. tapos sasabihin mo ngayon, magkaisa tayo? tell that your president! sana nung campaign pa nya ginawa yan. sana he set himself as a perfect example of what you yellow zombies say — unity. eh mukhang dun sa greenies ko pa yan nakita eh. kung pagkakaisa ang gusto mo, you should’ve voted for G1BO. anu ba yan? pati statements mo, tulad ng sa pangulo mo, puro contradicting.

      pagkakaisa? matagal ng issue yan. sana hindi lang naten ine-encourage na gawin yan tuwing nagpapalit ng pangulo every election. sana kahit sinong manungkulan at sinong maging lider, kaya nating i-campaign ang sinasabi mong pagkakaisa. did you ever campaign for so-called “unity” that during GMA’s term? hahaha syempre hindi. isa ka ring ipokritong supporter na nagke-claim na malinis. hay PaNOT practice what you preach.

    • ALJID

      This dude can’t take the truth. It almost made him slash his wrist. LOL!

  11. alam nyo, mas bagay si shalani at james. they look good together. inuupuan lang naman parati ni kris si james eh (with pun intended). sa billboard nga ng MarketMarket Mall eh naka dagan naman si kris sa likod ni james. lagi na lang dominatrix pose. kaya di na surprising na magulo ang marriage na yan. kris just needed a regular kid to replace her panganay kaya breeding issue lang yan. lucrative kasi ang commercials kapag mother and child. at least di sya buwang-wang. marunong ang kris na yan.

  12. Bernie

    We shouldn’t attack anyone simply because they’ve different opinion from us. We need to learn to be in total disagreement with someone without degrading them as consequence. Having a different opinion from another does not preclude one from being deserving of respect as an individual. We need to exercise “TOLERANCE” , genuine and deep respect for each and every human being not withstanding from their thoughts, their values and their belief. I love this quote from the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one.. just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had”.

  13. if noynoy already publicly confessed to having been depressed in the past because of his dad’s incarceration and death, paano kaya nag-cope si Kris who recently vowed in the media not to be a liability to his brother’s presidency? for someone like her who made the vow public only to forget about it on the same week of Noynoy’s inauguration, criticism should also be made public.

  14. russel posadas

    ,,sayang naman yong relationship nila kris and james ,,,gusto ko pa naman yong love story nila!!!hay!!di man lang nila inisip kapakanan ni baby james!!

  15. don’t worry. noynoy will step in to save the day. “you know what, my brother seriously talked to me while we were giving books to children and he told, kris, this and that and so i realized this and that kaya here we are now, james and I, together again. thank you, kuya!” — kris

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