Of blind yellow faith and SELECTIVE truth commissions

Noynoy! Noynoy! Noynoy! You are the bomb! We love you, almighty PNOY!

Some people who frequent this blog still don’t get it.

I mean, is there an unknown dictum or law of the universe that OhNoy overlooked, saying we can’t criticize the PRESIDENT of the Philippines? Such irony that when they were in the so-called opposition, these yellows didn’t mince any words for La Gloria.

Now, they’re the self-righteous pit bulls rallying foursquare in front of their Homer Simpson, snapping and biting at people who see errors or flaws in their anointed savior.

What was good for you isn’t good for us?

* * *

The Inquirer (also known as the Aquino Newsletter) reports:

MANILA, Philippines—A week into their jobs, members of President Benigno Aquino III’s official family will undergo a “seminar” to better meet an emerging challenge: how to deal with the media.

This was disclosed Monday by the President himself, following abrasive encounters between the press and two Cabinet members that marked the supposed honeymoon period traditionally enjoyed by a new administration.

Mr. Aquino said the seminar would have topics like “how to handle media, how to improve relations with everybody, how to get the (government’s) message across.”

“The seminar will be had by most of the Cabinet, especially those who are new in government,” he told reporters at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City.

“We want to engage the people on the agenda that we have—so the best way is through you—and to communicate what the plans are, the timeframe. Not just the substance, the form is also very important,” he added.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda immediately issued a disclaimer: “It’s not because I’m pikon (quick-tempered).”

“In our first Cabinet meeting, President Aquino told us, ‘All of you will be undergoing media seminar like what I went through when I ran for senator and for President,’” the Palace official said.

First batch

Lacierda said the first batch taking the seminar on Wednesday would include himself and two other Cabinet officials.

He said he still had no idea how it would exactly go, but surmised that it would be similar to the seminar he undertook to prepare for Aquino’s presidential campaign.

“(That) one was really (about) how to answer questions, how to phrase your answer, and how to comport yourself, especially when confronted with difficult questions,” he recalled. “It’s the typical ‘how to handle, how to deal with media.’”

The campaign gave him plenty of experience as Aquino’s spokesperson, but Lacierda’s first few days as Malacañang mouthpiece turned out to be anything but smooth.

Some members of the Malacañang Press Corps complained, for example, when he failed to show up for a morning press briefing but granted an interview only with cable channel ANC.

‘Forgive us’

The press conference was arranged supposedly to clarify matters surrounding a presidential memorandum circular on the status of government workers, among them contractual employees.

Also last week, Education Secretary Armin Luistro snapped at a reporter for asking about the controversial sex education program of his predecessor.

“Forgive us because we are new to the job, especially me,” Lacierda said, adding that he had actually begun looking for more spokespersons to join his team.

Mr. Aquino also said he was still in the process of completing the Palace communications group, which would include the Office of the Press Secretary as one of its line agencies.

“It will have more functions than just a press office,” he said.

* * *

Apparently, it’s not just P-Ngoy who is learning on the job.

How many times should we say WE TOLD YOU SO!

Honeymoon, shmoneymoon. If P-Ngoy and his sycophantic cabinet think we owe them a honeymoon period, then they’ve got another thing coming.

When you conduct yourself as they had during the campaign period — full of self-righteousness, bombast, and hatred for the opposition — you lose that privilege.

You will be judged as you judge.

As you can see, the people Noynoy selects for his Cabinet cut from the same cheap cloth. They assume infallibility and expect to be put atop a pedestal and admired like a piece of crystal. Don’t ever make the mistake of criticizing them or you’ll get it!

* * *


Probe past administrations too, Cardinal urges Aquino

07/04/2010 | 03:33 PM
Investigate the former president, but include the previous administrations as well.

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales thus chided President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III for having his Truth Commission focus on the alleged crimes of his predecessor, now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo, saying he should at least be consistent and probe other past administrations.

“We should be consistent. Even former presidents who allegedly committed similar mistakes during their administration should be submitted for investigation,” Rosales said in an article posted on the news site of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

The bishop nevertheless said he favored subjecting Arroyo to an investigation. “It’s just right to bring (before justice) all those who violated the law, not just one person, so that it would (appear) as a lesson to all,” he added.

While Arroyo could be liable for some wrongdoings, she is not the only one who should be charged, according to the Archbishop of Manila.

Aquino formed the Truth Commission, an independent body headed by a former Arroyo ally and retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr., to investigate allegations of corruption, human rights violation and other excesses of the previous administration.

Not the man

In a statement Sunday, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada asked Aquino to “reconsider” Davide’s appointment, saying the former chief justice is not the “man for the job”.

Estrada, the son of ousted President Joseph Estrada, accused Davide of “blatant disregard of the rule of law” when he administered the presidential oath to then Vice President Arroyo, following massive street protests calling on the older Estrada’s resignation.

The senator added that Davide was himself the subject of allegations of corruption, which formed the basis of an impeachment complaint filed against the former chief justice but never transmitted to the Senate because of his alleged “high-handed manipulation.”

“Mr. Davide is clearly linked to Mrs. Arroyo’s arrogant disregard of established procedures, illegal and immoral actions and wanton violation of the rule of law,” Estrada said in the statement. “I’m afraid, like many others are, that having Mr. Davide in the Truth Commission will taint the integrity of the body and thus adversely affect the new administration’s thrust toward utmost adherence to law and overall good governance,” his statement read.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda earlier said the commission would not “harass” Arroyo, and that the commission would gather evidence not only against Arroyo but also against other government officials of the previous administration to bring “closure” to unresolved scandals.

An unlikely ally

Davide, however, found an unlikely ally in Arroyo’s eldest son, former Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo, who described Davide as a man of “renowned objectivity”.

“With his impeccable background and given his renowned objectivity in handling issues however controversial they are, I am highly optimistic that the Truth Commission, under CJ Davide’s helm, would come out with the most objective conclusion to the NBN-ZTE saga, clearing all those wrongfully accused by those who used the GMA Administration as their jumping board for their political objectives,” the younger Arroyo said.

Arroyo’s executive secretary, Leandro Mendoza, also gave the Truth Commission under Davide his vote of confidence, saying it would be fair to Arroyo.

“I personally know Chief Justice Davide and I believe in his fairness. He is good and very professional,” Mendoza said.

Davide was appointed chair of the Commission on Elections by Aquino’s mother, the late President Corazon Aquino.

In 1991, Mrs. Aquino appointed him as justice of the Supreme Court. He was subsequently named chief justice by former president Estrada in 1998.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said she would coordinate with the commission in prosecuting those that would be found responsible for irregularities in government.

Militant party-list group Bayan Muna was the first to file a criminal complaint against Arroyo over the botched $329-million national broadband network project in 2007.

Mrs. Arroyo appointed Davide as permanent representative to the United Nations, but the latter resigned in 2010 and supported Aquino’s candidacy. —VS, GMANews.TV

* * *

You want the truth? Well, let the truth commission find out the truth about HACIENDA LUISITA! Let’s find out the truth about the massacre, the crap deal that is the SDO, and the continuing resistance of the Cojuangcos and Aquinos to the lawful distribution of the land. Don’t forget the SLEX deal, too! And etc., etc…

Although I’m no admirer of GMA, let us unmask this Truth Commission business for what it is — vengeance and persecution!




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20 responses to “Of blind yellow faith and SELECTIVE truth commissions

  1. arm

    “You will be judged as you judge.”- aye!

  2. ALJID

    The yellow zombies can’t be reasoned with. They are still living in a delusional world and it’s hard to wake up somebody who still wants to dream. They have to be struck down violently by truth for them go back to the real world.

  3. Not only can Homer not handle the truth, he can’t handle reality. You’re in the big leagues now, Ngoy. If you thought being president is all all pa-pogi, press conferences, parades and reviews, ribbon cuttings and official receptions, you are dead wrong. being president actually involves a lot of brain activity. So better reboot your old cranial PC, you’ll need all the juice you can get.

  4. iya mercado

    Just continue what you are doing. Don’t be cowed by those who are so quick to criticize the whole human race when Abnormal Ngoy was still campaigning but cannot stand those who pick on him now. Well, you get a dose of your own medicine. And much worse because they were so arrogant then and even now that the campaigning is over. MANIGAS KAYO!

  5. editha

    Ha ha ha I LOVE YOU Iya Mercado…I also have the same sentiments. You knocked the exact words to describe them ha ha ha
    Now it’s our time to watch/observe and LAUGH at them ha ha ha

    • ALJID

      Sadly we really can’t laugh right now as everything seems to be going up–MERALCO, oil prices, Manila Waters, fares…..Wow…Nagsisimula na ang pagbabago…

    • vanko

      kung sabagay, laughing at them might be the only way to endure 6 years of Ngoy. making the best of the situation ‘ika nga

      • mojojojo

        this is what they call change….in a SARCASTIC way. eto ba ang sinasabi nilang daang matuwid? baka biglang-liko ang sinasabi nila. ang dami ng contradicting statements ni ngoy-ngoy since campaign hanggang ngayong pang-gulo na sya. he said before na “no” taxes daw. alam kong napakaimpossible kaya tinawanan ko na lang. eh anak ng tinola malalaman ko na lang isang araw, tataasan daw nya ang tax? I’m not asking na itigil na ang paniningil ng tax, pero hindi ko rin naman hiniling na sana taasan ‘to. tapos yung tungkol sa paninigarilyo nya. he’ll quit smoking daw pag nanalo sya. tapos ngayong kinukuyog sya ng mga taong galit sa pagpapausok nya, sasabihin nya, it’s his life daw at hindi raw sya makapag-isip ng maayos pag hindi nakakatikim ng yosi ang nguso nya. reasons, reasons, reasons. ilang promises pa ba ang hindi nya tutuparin? I doubt kung magigisa talaga nya si GMA sa patung-patong na kaso nito. mas matapang pa kung tutuusin si bansot kesa kay panot. wala pa tayo sa 1st 100 days nya ha…can’t wait to see more of his charades and drama.

  6. dickhead

    Noytards could only resort to ad hominem attacks since it’s so hard to defend Pnoy.

  7. edyeeh

    Totoo, totoo lahat ng mga sinasabi mo. Pampa pogi lang itong Truth commission ng mga yellow. Siguro tinatapatan lang ito sa mga bumubusisi sa legalidad ng pagkapresidente ni Noynoy!



    please spread!

  8. RRo

    Right. You cant reason out with noytards. No matter how you try to explain to them they still dont get it. Oh well, that is the result from watching too much evilCBN.

  9. nauna pa nga yang initial efforts for that commission tapos andaming key govt positions ang butas pa. priorities, priorities. tuwid nga ang daan. tuwid for witch-hunting. to think na just before the inauguration eh nag-request ang former cabinet members for a formal session of discussion para may ma-share sila sa parating na government tapos nirefuse. tapos sa interviews sabi ng spokesperson nila biglaan ang lahat at new sila lahat sa government kaya nangangapa. eh nirefuse kasi nila ang opportunity to talk for the sake of work. pride, tsk-tsk.

    • interested

      Super yabang naman kasi ang team ni PNoy, ayaw magpaturo. Feeling yata nila masisira clean mage nila kung nakinig sa mga suggestion ng ex-admin team. One thing is sure though, lahat ng appointees bayad-utang na loob! That’s the truth. Now if the appointee is qualified and has the same vision (anti-corruption) as PNoy, okay lang e. Kaso hindi naman lahat yan e matino at mababantayan pa ng presidente so swerte na lang kung maayos ang maipuwesto. Truth Commission? Okay din yan, para magkaalaman na ng totoo kung may mga kasalanan talaga si PGMA at nang matapos na mga paninisi at paninira sa kanya.

  10. tontondaga

    I’d like to add that the hoard of yellow zombies who claim PENOY is the humble of humbles, salivate at every news that portray him as a simple man. Give them news of PENOY’s punctuality and they’ll get a case of munchies and attack any reporter who tells them anything negative about their golden idol. LOL

  11. sabi ng spokesperson n’ya sumakit daw ang tiyan at tsaka di nakatulog ng maayos kasi nag-brownout the night before at tsaka late na daw nakauwi from an event na pinuntahan. there’s something wrong with the way he does things kahit na ‘di sya ang gumagawa ng itinerary n’ya. kung magulo ang circle n’ya that should enable him to work well, promptly and frequently, pangit ang magiging output ni Noynoy in the long run. May presidential candidate na ngang namatay noon after the campaign due to a poor health condition — si Rocco. Ayus-ayusin niya governance n’ya kasi may mandate s’ya according sa constitution.

    • vanko

      yikes! di dapat mawala sa Malacañang si Ngoy! mas malala pa si negro, the greatest pretender, the greatest fraud the country ever had

  12. mulatpinoy

    PeeNoy’s choice of cabinet secretaries smacks of “utang ng loob” as it consists of family friends and supporters, volunteers of his black campaign, where’s the objectivity there?, the one where you choose someone due to merit, sabagay, sya nga di na kelangan ng achievements, aba, kasi naman anak sya ni ninoy and cory, achievement na nya yun, tsk, tsk..

    sa totoo lang his”truth commission” was established for “pakitang tao” only, to please the yellow zombies screaming for GMA’s head, please lang, unahin muna nya yung pag resolve ng Hacienda Luisita bago yung mga vindictive investigations at wangwang na yan at pwede stop the excuses for his lateness because the sad truth is, we now have a president with a poor work ethic, his dismal performance in congress and the senate speaks for itself ,..bigyan nyo nga sya ng alarm clock please..

    • alarm clock? naku hahanap na naman yan ng lousy excuse na disguised as political posturing. baka sisihin pa ang alarm clock at sabihing dapat gawang Pinoy. tapos ang lalabas n’yan as PR is that he is pro-Pinoy-made products for recalling all imported alarm clocks and using Philippine-made ones. makakalimutan na naman ng mga buwang-wangeros at ng media na notorious sa tardiness ang presidente. ang meron lang is pro-Philippine made products na trait. expertise nila yang mag-sister. girl power press release activate!

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