This golf cheat wants to go after Customs cheats. Ano kamo?

Another dubious character soon at a PNoy post near you.

The reasoning is sound enough: if you cheat in a sport (such as golf), one can safely assume you cheat in other, more important and bigger stuff.

That’s why all the hullabaloo about new Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez should be taken seriously.

He cheated on his scorecard at the Alabang Golf and Country Club – conniving with his caddy to get a better score, yet was caught red-handed.

Every golf aficionado will tell you, recent Tiger scandal notwithstanding, that gold is a gentleman’s game. It is a sport that is much like tennis – deeply rooted in tradition and history when men were gentlemen and ladies were proper and reserved.

Well, sorry. Welcome to the new millennium – when people make promises they don’t intend to keep, and will suck up like leeches just to get a cushy post.

Alvarez keeps insisting he did nothing wrong, and blames everyone else for “setting him up.”

The country club has quickly moved to sanction this embarrassment – suspending his playing rights for six months. The Inquirer reports that he “punished by the club’s board, which found that he and three other golfers in his foursome (let’s call them the fucked up foursome – O.N.) committed ‘gross violations of the rule of golf’ during the well-attended Mango Tee member-guest tournament in February.”

Alvarez is also barred from the premises of the club during the suspension, and from joining the Mango Tee for five long years.

The Inquirer reports: “I was asked by my caddy to sign my scorecard, which I did (after the round) without the benefit of rechecking my hole-by-hole scores,” said Alvarez, the former chair of the Philippine Basketball Association.

Stupid, stupid. Don’t you know better than to look at and study something BEFORE you affix your signature, Mr. Commish?

Anyway, this weasel is, well, trying to weasel his way out of the mess he’s in by turning the tables and threatening to go after “name-droppers and influence peddlers in his effort to clean up the bureau.”

Uhm, methinks he should prioritize going after golf cheats.

PNoy, so far your choice of people is pretty spotty, at best.

Or are we again expecting too much from you?

Kick this Alvarez out.



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9 responses to “This golf cheat wants to go after Customs cheats. Ano kamo?

  1. yeah, yung mga inilalagay niya sa posisyon e either beneficiaries ng campaign niya or may corrupt qualities din… hay naku!

  2. abcdef

    yan ang pang-gagago este pagbabago pala hehehe

  3. interested

    Bakit nga ba nailagay yang ganyang may question ang pagkatao? Kasi pambayad utang na loob nga. To whom? Well kung i-trace ang mga connection ni Alvarez, malalaman natin kung paano siya nailuklok diyan. Yan ang katotohanan sa likod ng mga political appointees. Let’s face it, that’s the way it has been in the past, the present and the future. Kaya nga may mga election support sa mga kandidato kasi kapalit nun mga government posts. It may be good or bad, depende na lang sa taong nilalagay. Ito lang kasi si Alvarez, questionable ang kanyang integrity dahil sa kaso niya sa golf so dapat nai-consider man lang yun bago siya inappoint.

  4. mulatpinoy

    BS Aquino’s penchant for picking people as unworthy as he is just shows that he is no different from other politicians prioritizing paying back political favors as soon as he sits in office. And can I ask, where is his delicadeza when he is appointing people he owes a lot to or are part of his close family friends and allies? When his sisters have a big say on who to choose? Don’t they trust him enough to choose the right people for his cabinet?

    Morever, what is up with the communications group to replace the press secretary, is this move made to have a stronger and more imaginative group to create more media spins to cover the incompetence of his government? When he could have spent his time looking for additional budget for calamity funds or lowering the price of electricity, unahin pa talaga PR nya, hay, more scriptwriters for this presidential telenovela and the plot thickens..

    • yun na nga eh, nauna ang gloss and shimmer (attempts to build the image while efforts for the rest of his role’s requirements were left languishing for weeks like necessary appointments). poor sense of task management. it makes you think that he knows how destructive the press and the media can be kaya he’s doing everything to armor himself against them which makes you think all the more that he knows this for a good reason kasi he used it against others before. nag-suffer tuloy ang actual work for a few weeks because of his fixation on image. abangan n’yo, when everything gets worse, he will propose marriage to shalani (or will officially court her). that’ll shut down negative press for a few more weeks.

  5. noypikon

    wala lang, baka habit lang talaga ni Abnoy maglagay sa pwesto ng mga questionableng tao.

    at sa lahat ng telenovela eto ang inaabangan ko ang ending.

    kaso lang napakaraming extra characters para guluhin ang tunay na kwento.

  6. abcdef

    questionable ang pagkatao ni noynoy eh kaya questionable din mga pagkatao ng ilalagay

  7. arm

    sa customs pa nalagay! patay!

  8. It’s alright to assign whoever he wants to assign. Sige lang. Appointment pa lang naman. Sige. The lesson that Noynoy will get from this is when his appointments turn out to be destructive for the country’s development. That’s the time he will realize that being a President is being responsible to the end. Or he can be himself — blame his anointed ones and blame Gloria. First Step president? First Step nga lang. First Step backwards.

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