P-Noy and co. play the blame game

ABAD Secretary: Hello, sir. Welcome to six years of incompetence!

“Warm-up” was the cheeky title of the Philippine Star editorial to describe the spate of breakdowns and snafus following Basyang, the first powerful typhoon to take a swing at us post GMA.

Indeed, one can only shake his head at how the country went to the dogs over one typhoon. The power went pfft, PAGASA screwed up in its forecast, ships and boats were totaled or sank off Bataan, flights were diverted or cancelled altogether, and, most significantly, people died, went missing or were injured.

And how did our brave new president cope with this? Well, he scolded PAGASA for the faulty forecast. ““This is not acceptable. I hope this is the last time that we are all brought to areas different from where we should be,” he said, with a half grin plastered on his face (doesn’t it bother you that Ngoyngoy always seems to have one expression?).

PAGASA Administrator Prisco Nilo later told the media that they did their best considering the equipment (as usual, outdated) they work with.

So we ask Noy: is it really necessary for you to shame your officials when you do not equip them with the right tools? And in a foretaste of the lack of Presidential BALLS, P-Ngoy brushed aside the recommendation to increase the calamity fund, saying they have to consult first with the Department of Budget and Management.

“We have to wait for the DBM. All the agencies have needs. We have to consult the DBM and national treasury first, and our economic managers still have to manage the debt cut. I will wait for them to discuss this,” he said, BALLS absent.

Yeah, that’s what you should do. Sit down and study.

* * *

Meanwhile, the equally shorn Butch Abad of the Department of Budget also pointed a finger elsewhere — specifically the GMA administration. Oo na, oo na. GMA and co. should have been more prudent about spending calamity funds.

Reports our favorite ABS-CBN news:

Budget Secretary Butch Abad on Wednesday said he will audit the P2-billion calamity fund after discovering that 70% of the fund has been spent in the first 6 months of 2010 despite the absence of any major disaster in the past months.

“Wala na tayong buffer fund,” Abad said. “Wala kasi silang foresight. Why allot only P2 billion when they knew marami pang pagkakagastusan at bagyong darating?”

Faced with a shortage of calamity funds, Abad said the government can source calamity funds from lawmakers’ pork barrel and the budget allocated for the president’s trips abroad.

When will the buck-passing stop and action begin? Oo na, kayo na magaling.



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10 responses to “P-Noy and co. play the blame game

  1. arm

    What I cannot stand is the “sila” and “kami” segregation and attitude AND perspective on matters.

  2. Obesity Jessica Sago

    may drought kaya.. kaya most of the camality funds were distributed! tanga nila..bobo! blame everything to PGMA.. sige nga.. but until when? kasi the reality is, sila na ang naka upo!

  3. editha

    You people aspired for the seats in gov’t knowing very well that we lack the funds plus the multitude of other problems …why blame everybody around? Just do your job then praise yourselves…the problems are all yours, THANK YOU!

    Di ba magagaling kayo? Then, eat your hearts out!

  4. jan

    That’s so true! When these guys were the “opposition,” it was so easy for them to blame PGMA for everything that has happened. Let’s see how they will fare now that they are the ones in power. Ay oo nga pala, nakita na natin…. continue blaming PGMA and not doing what should be done! Problem is, who are they gonna blame in the next couple of years????

  5. marcela bato

    Arm, Jessica Obesity, Editha, and Jan, AGREE ako sa inyo. You hit the nail right on its head!!! They speak with their tongues in their cheeks – they speak of reconciliation but until now the hatred campaign continues. When will it ever stop? I thought the buck stops at the highest office — does it not? It’s about time they do their homeworks and stop passing the buck. Guys, you have a lot of work to do. the people have pinned their hopes in you with the thought that you can uplift them from their present plight. Will you fail them?Remember that you are all the alter ego of the President.

  6. interested

    I think the blaming will continue for the next six years. I really hate this Abad fellow. Mag-isip ka nga Abad, di ba calamity ang el nino? Bilyon nga ang worth ng mga nasirang pananim ng mga farmers, nanuyot nga lahat halos ng dam sa Pilipinas, di pa ba kalamidad ang mga yun? Tapos sasabihin niya dapat mas naging prudent sa paggamit ng funds? What the hell is he thinking? Akala ko pa naman may utak itong isang ito, pareho rin pala ng amo niyang bukang-bibig ay sisihin ang dating administrasyon. Umpisa pa lang nakakasuka na mga ito! Magtrabaho na lang kayo at tuparin mga pinangako ninyo imbis na dumaldal sa tv ng walang katuturan! Ngayon ninyo patunayan galing niyo kung meron man!

  7. mulatpinoy

    There will come a time when blaming the past government will be so “gasgas” na, when the Filipinos will expect results from Peenoy’s administration, not excuses and fingerpointing, they should remember that their media spin doctors can only do so much, they can’t always cover their gaffes, it’s now time to buckle up and work, no more nap times and yosi breaks for you mr. slacker..

    And I agree, shaming PAGASA, a government institution with almost obsolete weather equipments is unacceptable. Instead of making “papogi” in the press and shaming PAGASA, he should direct mr. abad to find some funds to equip this agency better, I’m sure he’s more than capable, maybe he can scrounge up something from the excess millions in Peenoy’s campaign funds..

  8. ito si abnoy puro dakdak wala sa gawa, ang arte pa ayaw tumira sa malacanang palace, asus! kaya, ayaw nyang tumira sa palace, natakot sa mga multo2. ayan pinarenovate bahay na tinitirahan nla noon, magkano kaya ang gastos pagparenovate, sana sasabihin nya no, kung magkano, sana gagamitin na lang sa pagkuha ng mga basura dyan sa mga rivers at sa mga dagat , ang daming nagkalat na basura. nakahihiya!sana patrabahoin ang mga taong nagkalat ng mga basura, walang mga disciplina! kasi ang mga officiales nagpalaki lang ng mga bitlog nla. nagpalaki ng mga tiyan! sana itong mga taong ito, they must do correct their duties, sa ikakaunlad ng bayan natin, at sana linisin nla ang mga kalat, dyan sa mga kanal na nagbabara sa mga rivers natin dyan, gusto nyo bang magka-ondoy at peping na man tayo. so, p-noy move on na! now na! at ang mga alipores mo! go, go, go, move on, now na!

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