P-Noy the meddler

Time Out: Same old, same old. What did you expect?

First things first.

jbestillore@gmail.com writes: “Too afraid to tell the readers who you are? Look at the life you have first before looking at the lives of others as if you are the god of your own world. God bless you. — J”

Well, yes, I take a look at my life every day. I try to live it as upright and well as I can. How about you? And, more importantly, how about our dear President? I mean, it’s certainly fair to say that what I do has much less effect than what our new President does. And that’s why we need to be critical and observant about how our Chief Executive manages the country.

And, by the way, yes. I am the god of this blog. You can create your own if you want. And don’t greet me with your plastic “God bless you.” Salamat.

* * *

In other news, as if he hasn’t have enough in his hands, Mr. President is interfering in matters of the Senate.

Maybe he thinks he is still a Senator.

Maybe he thinks that as President he can very damn well do anything he wants. Ever heard of the separation of the three branches of government, sir? So keep your hands off the Sen. Trillanes case, then. As PDI reports: “President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino’s order for the Department of Justice to review the case of detained Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV was tantamount to presidential meddling in the judiciary and of the Senate, especially with the chamber having only one week to decide on whom to install as its leader, two veteran senators said on Sunday.”

But, of course, we know that there is much at stake in the Senate. In a week, we will be knowing who the next Senate President will be.

The LP mafia is scrambling mightily to get the numbers so they can install Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. Experience-wise, however, it is apparent that Ate Shawie’s hubby doesn’t hold a candle to Sen. Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party.

But, hey, this is the Philippines. We’ve seen weirder stuff — like a non-starter becoming president.

Going back to P-Noy, if he’s in a pakialamero mood, why doesn’t he check on Sen. Ping Lacson? Oh, I forgot. Kakampi nga pala. Done deal already.

It pays to check on someone who’s not yet in your back pocket.



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12 responses to “P-Noy the meddler

  1. Some use anonymity to hide their true motive. Others hide due to persecution (state-sponsored state-tolerated or from paid hacks). I believe that Oh, Noy! Belongs to the latter category.

    Anyway, I’d rather have Villar or Angara or even Leagrda as Senate President. In short, anyone but Pangilinan, LP members and Pe-Ngoy lapdogs.

  2. dickhead

    Check out newsbreak’s july 16 entry

    President Aquino upsets Japan


    dito muna. Can’t access the newsbreak entry.

  3. Obesity Jessica Sago

    I agree with you Oh-Noy, It’s your blog and if that stupid son of a bitch faggot parrot jbestillore@gmail.com does not agree with you, he can anytime create his own blog from wordpress or blogspot!

    • rc banares

      isa nga yan sa pinagtataka ko. ang mga pro-noynoy, panay ang punta sa mga blog ng mga critics ni noynoy and they love to comment.

      Maybe it’s high time they put up their own blog and blog about their idol instead of crashing other people’s blogs.

      Unless, of course, they also have the IQ of Penoy and don’t know how to open a blog account.


  4. red

    “God bless you”?
    with a president who acts like this country is hacienda luisita and blames everything else for its problems, and the 15 million lost souls that believed the false prophet’s machinery of empty promises of change and hope… God bless us all.

  5. mulatpinoy

    As if the country doesn’t have enough problems already, Peenoy has to interfere with the affairs of the Senate..why, he seems to have too much time in his hands or is it the case of wanting everyone including the other branches of government to bow down to the will of his LP mafia cohorts…Ano ba, we have a water crisis, meralco & gas price hikes, oil spills and the aftermath of typhoon basyang and he is wasting his time politicking, anong klaseng presidente yan?!

  6. ALT

    @ obesity jessica sago: i agree with your sentiment pero wohoh, easy on the faggot part. it has nothing to do with the topic. if you wish to mean weak or loser, just say it as it is. its so unfortunate when people equate faggot with weakness because it’s not fair. i know a lot of them who have bigger balls so to speak than the regular straight guys.

    about pee-noy, i think it’s safe to conclude na di pa siya fully aware na siya na ang nanalong presidente who’s into his 3rd week of service kasi trabahong kampanya pa rin ginagawa niya– puro papogi!

    minsan na nga lang siya magfa-function, doon pa sa hindi dapat. and to hell with the blasted wangwang and bonding with the media. wala na bang ibang problema ang pilipinas? he probably doesnt have a solid solution to the traffic kaya as they say, “if u cant beat them, join them”. so nakisali na lang siya sa traffic, ganda pa ng public image niya. what’s the term? reverse psychology?

  7. Edward

    I think that yellow zombie who emailed you wanted your name so that they could subjectively harass you and make all kinds of black propaganda against you just like how their true yellow masters did against their enemies. Nice try. This is all about objectivity. If you’ve got something to object here, then say it!

    It’s funny how the yellow zombies parade the name of God and paint Him as on their side despite all the injustices the yellow mafia have done.

  8. I’m happy that he’s in power now coz if he and his cohorts were kept at bay for the next 6 years pa eh any new president other than him will just languish in bad press and bad rep as concocted by our sensationalized press and media and fueled by politicians like him. Ilulubog lang ‘yung new president ng yellow surveys if the president was not Noynoy. Notice how such questionable surveys now are supportive of Noynoy? Mind-setting lang ‘yan. Alam natin how it was easy to have a good rep as politicians here — just criticize Gloria. If you’re the president and you messed up with something, blame Gloria. At least now, Noynoy knows that running a country is not just about saying what you feel kasi he is not his own country. Plus, our country can’t exist on its own kaya we need to maintain diplomatic relations with other countries for that matter. The very criticisms that he and his cohorts were throwing at Gloria before are the same ones that his efforts are getting now for realizing that a President’s role is a complex one. And it’s just the first month of this regime.

  9. GMA slut

    These are the people who lick GMA’s ass and entails! Can you not accept reality? tapos na ang putang inang araw ni GMA. Kaya nga ang pinas hindi umousad dahil sa mga tao na ganito nyo. Stupid and eat lots of crab meat! Look at MIKEY mouse, gago talaga, putang inang linti na anak ni GMA. someday, just wait for the day when ye shall visit the jail..

    • ay walang sense haha. puro mura lang. kawawa naman to. sabi ng SWS na yellow survey company na 83% ang may trust kay noynoy. eh ilang sa mga board members n’yan eh pro-yellow to think na they recently did a survey during the election about the state of the Filipino hope for better things tapos ilalabas nila results once president na si noynoy. eh kung ang binoto ng respondent eh si bro. eddie tapos hopeful s’ya. mind-setting tsk-tsk. we are now being forced to accept a seemingly progressive media that wants to propagate yellow mentality.

  10. interested

    PNoy supporters just cannot hide their real character, no? Let’s just respect the opinion of those who read this blog, shall we? And there really is no need to use profane language since you can express your intelligent opinion without resorting to vulgar speech. Noynoy is already the president of the Philippines so please stop being insecure already. What we need to see are concrete actions, genuine reforms and positive results not just dramatic speeches and “shocking” SONAs.

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