From Kamag-anak, Inc. to Abad-anak, Inc.

Boss Noy: "If you have any problems with me, take it up with an Abad near you."

A Philippine Star article opened thus:

“Having four Abads in government does not bother President Aquino.

“Mr. Aquino vouched for his Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad Jr.’s integrity during a chance interview… He said Abad underwent the same vetting as all candidates to government posts did, and reminded journalists that the Cabinet member has yet to be accused of any wrongdoing in any of the posts that he had handled.

The piece goes on to say the following, and take note of the HUGE roles of the Abads.

  1. Butch Abad served as LP campaign manager.
  2. Butch’s daughter Julia served as Noynoy’s chief of staff when he was senator, and now heads the Presidential Management Staff (PMS).
  3. Julia is also in charge of the President’s Social Fund (or presidential pork barrel) – estimated at P500 million A YEAR.
  4. Butch’s son Luis is chief of staff of former Hyatt 10er, the wily Cesar Purisima, who is now Finance Secretary.
  5. The wife of Luis, Henedina, is a representative of Batanes and is said to be “interested in becoming the vice chair of the House appropriations committee.”

P-Noy continues: “First of all, I don’t think we violated any law. Second, I think they have proven their worth,” Mr. Aquino said. “To critics who would not want to give a honeymoon period, salamat na lang (thank you).”

Pikon talaga.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda meanwhile said: “Their competence (the Abads’) will prove them; their integrity will prove them. President Aquino trusts them. You must remember, when you’re choosing Cabinet members, you have to have the trust and confidence of the President.”

All I hear is yada-yada. It’s all elementary, though.

What can you expect from a president who is himself the product of nepotism and blind loyalty? Is it really much of a surprise that this cloistered and sheltered man now has problems of finding competent individuals to man his cabinet outside of the familiar fawning faces that had sucked at his yellow teats?

A monopoly of power from the Republic of Oligarchies. Figures.



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18 responses to “From Kamag-anak, Inc. to Abad-anak, Inc.

  1. marie

    So did GloMac. She trusted the Hyatt 10er. And what did they do to her????


  2. rc banares

    it is not a question of qualification and competence but more a question of delicadeza. The Abads are now in a position to wield enormous pressure because of the power of the purse which they control. As for Noynoy’s reaction, if you are a qualified person to run the country, you do not need a honeymoon period.

    • mulatpinoy

      Delicadeza..a word this administration doesn’t seem to have any concept of, pare-pareho lang sila, walang pagbabago, with oligarchs out to get maximum profits from their “investment”, we can also see the padrino system in all its glory… so how can we expect Peenoy to get competent candidates if his first qualification is dapat kakampi nila or tumulong sa kampanya nya, no wonder Lito Banayo is the NFA administrator, scraping the barrel aren’t we?

  3. editha

    Akala ko pagbabago?

    Just wait and see…many similar circumstance will come out he he he

  4. interested

    PNoy – hypocrite; nagmamalinis, as if di gagawa ng mali (kasi wala pang nagawa ever!), pag siya ang gumusto tama, nung si PGMA mali, evil. Anong klaseng ugali ba yan?

    Abad Family – makakapal ang mukha, opportunists, need i say more?

  5. arm

    PIKON is the right word. His answers are not becoming of a president’s. Pang showbiz. Nakakahiya ang pangulo natin. Kala niya joke time nalang lagi?

  6. First of all, we did not violate any law by not recognizing the so-called honeymoon period. Secondly, is there proof that we did not even adhere to it? Newspapers (even the yellow media) will cease to exist for the whole month of July if the so-called honeymoon period is accommodated. If he prides himself as the First Step President, then why render his first few steps in power immune to scrutiny. I see signs of dictatorship. Why the incessant need to push citizens away? Why does he want to silence us? He has imbibed the very poison that his family initially fought against. Sa psychology, victims of an unfortunate event can choose between being free or being victimized. Should they choose the latter (being victims), they end up victimizing others eventually. Kaya nga he’s trained himself to shoot guns and had the desire to control the DILG coz of his security hangover. Martial Law syndrome is running in his veins.

  7. Edward

    I think he’s a real trapo playing the utang-na-loob strategy.

    But even more probable (and disturbing) is that he has knowledge of capable people to fill the positions and is not ready for the presidency.

  8. interested

    It’s all here (a good read):

    ABAD family: Shameless.

  9. This is matuwid na landas. What’s sad is the still majority of those who voted for Aquino are defending these acts of obvious shamelessness.

  10. charlie

    It’s now Aug. 7.. still no updates? out of ammo? 🙂

    • arm

      oh noy! baka pinaligpit ka na ng mga aquino sa pinag gagagawa mo- where art thou?!

    • ALJID


      Lahat na po ng kelangang sabihin nasabi na po. Di naman kelangang maging sirang plaka. Tulad ng blame-game. From inauguration speech to SONA to PAGASA. Denial. From Hacienda Luisita to water crisis to skyrocketing MERALCO rates (At may gana pa ang palasyo na ipagtanggol to?). Pag-arteng kala mo martyr siya, santo, nagsasakripisyo, can-do-no-wrong at madami pang self-proclaimed virtues. Nakakapagod.

      Ngayon, wala tayong balita masyado sa pangulo. Pano? Wala namang nangyayari. Wala pa ding nailalatag na kahit ano mang plano o plataporma. Everything is in a blur. The sad thing is, all of us are in the same leaky boat. His incompetence will affect us.

  11. Dickhead

    Mga obobs na pro abnoy. Puro kasi kayo ABS-CBN.

    Natural alang bad news diyan laban kay abnie. Haha.

  12. ann

    yeah, read it from TPH (the Professional Heckler). Funny, really!

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