This Coco is a nut

Yes, this is an actual product -- and yes, Noy's choices for his government have so far been LIGHT.

Looks like someone forgot to take her happy pills, or probably neglected to attend the P-Noy media seminar. During her “impromptu” press con, former media person (and now Commission of Human Rights commish) Coco Quisumbing did her best tyrannical kindergarten teacher impression and admonished press people into disgust and/or submission.

She wanted people to be in her line of sight. She wanted reporters to be nice. She wanted the press to raise their hands if they understood her rules prior to the press con.

Geesh, Coco! Are you nuts?

Another weirdo in the P-Noy administration. So what’s new?


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One response to “This Coco is a nut

  1. dickhead

    Eh weirdo rin naman si President Noynoy.

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