Why OhNoy?

Six years worth of P-Noy… the thought is enough to make you hide in your closet and pray incessantly till the sun comes out — after SIX EFFIN’ YEARS!

But what can we do? Whether P-Noy cheated his way into office (a little birdie told me those Smartmatic CF card switches were the key) or, yes, we’re just really that stupid, the fact of the matter is he’s now the 15th President of our poor Republic.

But I still believe there’s hope for the flowers. For every brainwashed yellow supporter, there is an oppositionist — though he may not know it yet.

This blog is for those who still hope — and those who will not let this joke of a man get away with his blunders.

Let’s be vigilant together.

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  1. Hi! I am a blogger and I read your posts. Btw, can you show your identity to us by posting your name and your background? Just want to make sure that this is not another smear and dirty campaign from the desperate and hopeless candidates…if you just want to be credible and believable.


    • I have done that before and all I’ve gotten was cheap potshots. Credibility is borne of truth. You can check out the veracity of what I say here. It doesn’t matter who I am.

      What matters is the truth.

      • brokenglasschip/chuva/imho


        btw, am just curious. can you reveal your pres. candidate after may 10 in one of your posts? 🙂

        we, your followers, would die to know 😀
        (tho i know asking for your identity would be too much i guess).

  2. an0ther anti-n0yn0y bl0g.. so many of these already.. desperate supporters of other candidates l0sing to noynoy.. i bet you’ve been paid..

    • that’s always what you think, huh? lumang tugtugin na yan. ang mga nag-iisip pala binayaran.

      • Lumang tugtugin?

        Bakit marami ka bang alam kundi kurakot at tumangap ng bayad under the table?

        Ang alam ko sa nag-iisip ay kung magkano ang bayad.

      • arcane

        yung mga taong katulad mo na nag-iisip na nababayaran ang mga taong tunay na nag oobserba at naghahanap ng kasagutan sa tanong nila eh mga tanga!so Chris wag kang tanga.. mag isip ka din

  3. Eralyn Hintay

    I myself will not vote for Noynoy! Never support him ever. What an opportunist..

    • agree. exploited his mom’s death. he should be ashamed of himself.

      • Exploited his mom’s death? What? The family has been together ever since it begun with Ninoy to Cory. So, the struggle of the family including Nonoy has been their ever since. Then, where were you to say this to Noynoy who shared the sufferings with his parents, sleeping comfotably? I support Noynoy and the family.

        The person you should be hating are the the Macoses like Bongbong who is running now for Senator because they benefitted the corrupted money.

        Maybe, you should twists your brain 180 degrees.

        Get real life. The Philippines won’t progress on your ways.

        Don’t be a crab mentality with Noynoy. My respect is with the Aquino family. Who are you to say the opposite. What have you done to this country? Who are real trapos? the Aquino’s?

    • Seyer Lu

      I join your contention! Despite their claims of honesty, makabayan, etc! etc!, I can’t feel their sincerity, I can’t feel the truth in their honesty; as for Marcos, despite the claim of media and all others that he is a dictator, the fact remains that HE IS THE BEST PRESIDENT THE PHILIPPINES EVER HAD! ONLY HYPOCRITES DENY IT! I was 9 when EDSA 1 came about, but I was able to feel the Glorious days of Marcos when dollar to peso was just 5=1. Come to think of it; had Marcos not been deposed, the Philippines would have been a totally developed country, is probably is not it?

      • I disagree with you. Marcos is not the best president the Philippines had. If only Marcos did not cheat the presidential election Pelaez could have been the beter president which I beleive is better than Marcos.

      • Dumb Person

        Sir, Marcos in my opinion is not the best, he is by far the worst. Philippines was verge of economic flight during that time before he became president. It just shows how deep the decline in the improvement was, from 1,800 ft above the land to -360,000 near hell.

  4. @ pedro, you know, maybe you ought to start looking at the message than the messenger itself.

    You said it already that there are so many similar blogs out there but maybe it also indicates that there’s are a lot to be said about Noynoy and his campaign.

  5. Those who cannot show his identity cannot be trusted. If you are brave enough for that “truth” you are claiming, why can’t you show your identity?

    • khulet

      why he has to show his identity? u have your brain. try to think if wat he is trying to say is true or not.

      • @ anti-ohnoy

        spoken like a moderator of noy’s facebook account. that’s how they run that account — by persecuting dissenting opinions. you want to see how the noy administration will be like? see how chaotic that facebook account is.

        @ jhong & khulet

        thanks for the support!

    • Ben

      Show his identity then assail his personality? ganun ba? gaya ng ginagawa nyo sa FB pag di ayon sa gusto nyo opinyon ng ibang tao?

    • no!noynoy!

      OMG…kailangan pa ba identity?Wag kang magpakilala baka isa yan sa mga berdugo ng luisita.

    • amity

      Pssst. Rebutt mo na lang yung mga assertions of incompetency sa mga write ups. Don’t focus on the blogger. Di naman siya yung tatakbo eh. Gamitin ko nga yung logic mo sayo. If Noynoy is claiming to bring honesty and transparency back, why won’t he tell us how he spent his pork barrel funds? Aber?

    • andrea

      this is from somebody using a fictiti0us name as well…tsk tsk!

  6. katie

    thumbs up for the blogger. even rizal used pen names so why not you? bring it on u people who think that every blogger who is anti-noynoy is paid. sorry to say marami na talagang Pilipinong nag-iisip. and besides this is a democratic country, freedom of speech, remember??

    • rjay ramos

      with freedom of speech is responsibility…pen names are great just like rizal..but we are not living in the spanish colonial time that whoever say anything against the prayle’s or the gobernador general would be killed..how would take responsibility and stand up with the words that you strongly say if you are not a man enough to show your face…with freedom comes responsibility..remember that…

      • katie

        yes we are not living in the spanish colonial time but haven’t you heard of journalists getting killed, activists missing? its every writer’s right to use a pen name.:)

  7. maarte ako

    Funny and eye-opening blog! Will visit again.

  8. panotsa

    I have noticed that most ” Noynoyista” are defensive and judgemental. They treat us as if we are ingratos, unpatriotics and siding with the devil.
    It is not our fault, if we know how to discern and are not easily swayed by theatrics.
    Hate begets Hate. Your candidate started it, so, bring it on

  9. eye star

    The truth of the matter is that our country is in great disarray and many are offering themselves as the solution. The most glaring truth that some people cannot grasp is the fact that Mr. Aquino is the only Presidentiable that did not want the presidency, but merely answered the call of the people to represent them in their FRUSTRATED search of a leader that can inspire the people to unite as one Filipino nation to resurrect the dying glory of the Philippines. That is the point!

  10. Yes Noy

    Noynoyistas daw are defensive and judgemental. Wow, this blog is guilt free, it is the highest form of truth, and being run by bloggers who are sinless and pure.


    Mga taong tumitira sa kandidato sa pagka-presidente na wala namang masabi kung sino ba dapat ang mamuno. Tira lang ng tira.

    Go go go.

    Tira lang ng tira para tuloy tuloy ang bayad! Ay sorry, judgemental ako.

    • Voter

      Puso mo.

      This is the 8th online argument that I stumbled upon regarding Noynoy. Pansin ko lang, why do pro-Noynoys always attack the anti-Noynoys personally and not his/her argument?

      Hmm… but I guess a healthy debate is still better than no debate at all (‘coz that would mean either nobody cares or everybody’s being forced). Could we just agree to disagree?

    • From New Zealand to Australia.

      Yes Noynoy.

      Yes Noynoy.

      Yes Noynoy.

      • Mr.___________

        And in the Philippines: 58% percent of Voters: NO TO NOYNOY
        NO TO NOYNOY
        NO TO NOYNOY

        think about that

      • ArticleRequest

        Thank God I’m not Chris and I’m not joining all the sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse. Bye Chris!

      • anthony

        Chris, you have been told to just THINK. This is a site for thinking people, not fanatics. People like you who believe nothing can go wrong with the man you just voted.
        I believe Pres Marcos had left more laudable legacies than the succeeding presidents combined. More jobs, more foreign countries had come to learn of our technology, like rice planting,we were more patriotic as we were told to fly our flag proudly. I was there and the new crops just learned of his and his wife’s greed.Pres Marcos was a planner, he was a close friend of Pres of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yu.President Marcos had vision which none of the succeeding presidents had.
        President Noynoy (I abhor the name) Aquino has not proven himself. Even the way he carries himself, and until now he has not presented what he will do for the country. No excuses.Just go to work.

  11. misk4r

    please enlighten me here.. why is noynoy qualified to run the philippines? anong nagawa nya in his years of public service? other than xa lng ang candidato na indi gustong maging presidente.. or he is clean..

    WALA!! wala xang nagawa.. and to think you casting your votes to this incompetent person.. how the hell will he able to run the country when even in lower position he cant even do his job properly..

    My God please open your mind if meh utak kayo~ wag gamitin ang puso nyo.. purket aquino magaling at malinis na agad..

    • eye star


      All of you guys who attack Noy’s character have one thing in common… none of you can express an alternative candidate! I’ve posted one too many reasons why Noynoy should be given the opportunity to lead. The facts written in the blog against Noy are unfounded and outright lies. I have refuted the arguments posted and to this day, NONE OF YOU can muster enough courage to offer a more viable option for the country! Give us a name para magkabukingan na!

      Please, pray I; heed my call, for judgement day cometh!!!

      • misk4r

        offer viable option?
        its no brainer dude and its not an option either, its a must.. sen. richard gordon is best suited for the job, no one else comes close..

        go research on him and be enlightened..

      • panday

        noynoy has nothing substantial to show for his not so short tenure as a public servant. and that’s not even talking about his character.

    • Haven’t you heard the quote “The apple doesn’t fall far from it’s tree”?

      Damn, hate the bad as hate the Marcoses.

      Appreciated good and heroism as the Aquino’s.

      Haven’t you heard about the Kennedy?

      Damn, you’re ignorant can’t help the Philippines.

      Be real. Get a life.

      • thinker-belle

        And you honestly think that you can help the Philippines by voting for your inept candidate?

        I’d rather be ignorant than stupid. Haven’t you heard? “Ignorance is bliss.”

        And mind you, goodness and heroism is NEVER inherited. Ninoy and Cory may be heroes in their own right, but it doesn’t mean that their children will be too. Kris Aquino, a hero? God forbid!

        You must be one of those people who think that wearing those Philippine-themed/inspired apparel is cool. Please keep in mind: nationalism isn’t a shirt. It’s something that CAN’T be bought. Iba ang proud to be Pinoy sa nakikisakay lang sa uso.

        GET REAL. You’re obviously living in a fantasy world.

  12. Yes Noy

    By: Winnie Monsod

    I am known to be a Noynoy supporter, but to those skeptics and to those who are still undecided, I do concede that he is not perfect. His record as a politician is average and unspectacular at best. He does not have the charisma of his father. Before the death of his mother, he did not get much mileage. But I am going all out in support for Noynoy in 2010 because he stands for clean governance and appear willing to accomplish this. In addition, he has the best chance of preventing a opportunistic businessman, the assured next President of our country before Cory died, from using the Office of the President as a personal growth asset to his business empire.

    Noynoy’s clean record is a big plus for me. It is a trait that I think should be the most important quality that we should look for in our next president. His appeal is that his track record is not tarnished by corruption scandals and his political debts are minimal. I know that many critics are trying to make an issue over his involvement in Hacienda Luisita, but Noynoy is not even heavily involved in the company. As a shareholder, Noynoy only owns .04% of Hacienda Luisita, a drop in the ocean and hardly in any position to do something about it. The case of the Hacienda does not have the substance that the C-5 extension controversy has a lot of.

    In addition, Nonoy also has an incredible legacy to live up to. All the pressure is on him to be clean and stay clean. He can’t afford to tarnish the Aquino name and the immense legacy that his parents left behind. Cory and Ninoy practically sacrificed their family for their dream of a better Philippines. For Noynoy, to know that your father and mother went through so much hardship to improve our country is a heavy burden to think about if you do decide to become a crook and destroy everything that they fought for.

    We all have to make a choice. In my opinion, it has to go to the presidentiable who has an independent mind, stands up for what he believes in, is clean, and has the legacy his parents to live up to and maintain. For me, Nonoy, with all his flaws, is that candidate. For what this country needs is a clean president who can set an example top-down for the entire state; it needs a president with the will to change things and stamp out corruption; it needs a President who can set an example and is willing to perfect our dysfunctional democracy.

    I want someone who stands for being clean. He does not need a degree from Harvard. He does not need to have a multi-million peso business to show me he can make us all rich. He does not have to speak well. He just has to be clean. Nothing else should matter. He has to prioritize a platform of clean and effective governance and make sure that it delivers on that promise. Policies on the economy, education, energy, environment and health can all follow after the fundamentals are taken cared of. So far, the only candidate who promotes my vision with a clean record to back it up is Noynoy.

    Our urban landscape is replete with political slogans that attempt to convince people of certain candidate’s ability to lead our nation

    Galing at Talino? Sorry Gibo, those were the supposed qualities of GMA, rubber stamped with a Phd in Economics. And what happened? She only worsened our economy. To GMA’s credit she did balance our budget at one point, but it has again ballooned to the level where the next president will have to deal with the same economic issues she faced in 2005. During GMA’s watch investment in infrastructure was insufficient, poverty incidence worsened, public education deteriorated, our nautical highway is still incomplete, goons like the Ampatuan’s flourished in the south, and a culture of corruption flourished in our institutions. Instead of creating jobs, GMA focused on a policy of exporting labor without measuring the social costs of such a policy- thousands of broken OFW families and children of OFW’s who do not have the proper parental supervision to teach them the differences between right and wrong. In effect, our next generation is left on their own to figure out how to become empowered patriots who love their country and will fight to defend it. In effect, whatever statistics in GDP growth GMA and her allies love to advertise, non of it trickled down and benefitted the poor..and none of it accounts for the social costs to her policies.

    Good speaker? Sorry Gibo, Marcos had that quality and he did nothing good for our contry. In fact, Marcos squandered the opportunity to be our Lee Kuan Yew and Dr. Mahatir. If I want a good, charismatic, and eloquent speaker, let’s just run down the list of effective public speakers and vote them in.

    Para sa mahirap? Sorry Erap, you had your chance and failed miserably. Your only accomplishment is in convincing our masses that movie roles do not carry over into the political area.

    My only concern with Noynoy is how deep he might be in the Liberal Party and whether he has accumulate political debts to Liberal trapos. The Liberal PArty, like any party, has its own share of crooks (including those bandwagon trapos who jumped off GMA”s boat to ride on Aquino’s popularity). How much will Nonoy have to give back to the Liberal trapos (and bandwagon Liberals who jumped GMA’s ship) if elected? We will never know. However, I am willing to live with that unanswered question if it means preventing someone like Villar from turning the Philippines into Vista Land’s next subdivision development. I am also reassured by the fact that he has that “Aquino” name and the ghosts of his parents to answer to if does decide to go down the immoral path.

    Nonoy will not solve all our problems. One person can’t. But we need a start somewhere and it should be with someone who pushes honesty, reform, and good governance. It will be a tough battle, but I want to give Noynoy the chance to build on what his mother tried to accomplish. And I hope that if Noynoy wins, he will have the courage to make tough decisions and go after crooks, even if it means hurting a lot of friends and colleagues in government.

  13. bakit kailangang magalit sa mga antiNoynoy? his fb deletes those posts na di ayon sa gusto nila.. his sister laments that we are like going back to the dark days of martial law as a reaction to the fair eelction act…pero etong ginagawa ng mga antiNoynoy, na halos atakihin sa puso sa inis sa mga ganitong klase ng posts, short of telling us to shut the hell up…now whos taking us back to the dark days of martial law?

    sabi niya “hindi ako natatakot dahil wala akong itinatago” pero sa ginagawa nyong mga supporters nya, mas lalo tuloy nakakatakot pag siya ang nanalo =(

    • trinity,
      i’ve noticed that it’s the noynoy supporters who are abnormally emotional about their candidate. they’re so rabid to the point of resorting to dirty tricks such as circulating fabricated emails that damage the reputation of their candidate’s rivals.

      kayo nga ang nagagalit.

      mga edukado daw, but even graduates of highly esteemed universities such ateneo, went so low as to email blast all sorts of lies.

      the funny thing is, most of us have not received a single black prop on noynoy. this site isn’t black prop. it simply brings to light what was hidden.

    • Anthony

      Noynoy – “hindi ako natatakot dahil wala akong itinatago”

      nakupo! di na natin kelangang tingnan kung meron syang skeletons in the closet, eh dahil all that is out in the open about him eh nakakatakot na!!!

  14. Yes Noy


    If Noynoy wins, you will still have the freedom to blog. BUT the same goes for us.

    Do a smear campaign for Noy, Aren’t we given the freedom to respond and defend?

    • amity

      Yes, by all means defend your candidate. Set us straight on the Hacienda Luisita Massacre. Assure us that Kamaganak Inc. won’t resurface again. Prove to us that Noynoy won’t be overpowered by trapos when he wins.

      Before you even call this blog a mere smear campaign, prove to us that all of the things written here are lies or misconceptions. When you comment include Noynoy’s achievements (if there are any). Let’s engage each other in an intellectual level and not just let emotions override the facts.

  15. Tadio

    thank you for this site. it’s not that i like seeing noynoy being put down. it’s more of leveling the playing field by exposing some facts and intelligent opinions against someone who thinks he has morally entitled to say he is clean and everyone is evil.

    bravo on the hacienda luisita bit. i think everyone should be made aware of noynoy’s link, however it is, to the massacre and the sctex. sadly, he is backed by abs cbn, who props his image up while magnifying other candidates’ follies.

    i admire cory for her bravery. i pity her for her death has been exploited and used by her son his cohorts.

    keep ’em coming!

  16. Tadio

    bravo ohnoy! we need this.

  17. I hope I don’t sound bitchy, but you could at least include an ‘Archives’ label on the sidebar. That would help the readers (suggestion po, kung pwede lang. Kung hinde, ayos lang din, blog mo to e. I’ll still continue reading it no matter what.) to browse your site easily, because it seems that you post very often. Salamat!

    • Hehehe sige papaturo ako. I’m a newbie blogger so I don’t know of such things. Thanks!

      • Ah ganun ba. Salamat sa reply. Pero don’t worry, take your time. Newbie blogger ka, so it takes time para mapag-aralan yung mga navigations around wordpress (kahit hindi ito ang gamit ko). And like I said, babasahin at babasahin ko pa rin tong blog mo. Mga posts naman ang importante e, hindi ang format ng blog. 🙂

  18. Thanks for the suggestion, though! Hope you saw the changes. 🙂 Thanks again!

  19. politicalamateur

    Bravo, OhNoy. I’m a new fan. I’d be sure to follow your blogs.

    What happened to Yes Noy after posting that faux Monsod article? Another hoax. I read it again and this line intrigued me:

    “My only concern with Noynoy is how deep he might be in the Liberal Party and whether he has accumulated political debts to Liberal trapos. The Liberal PArty, like any party, has its own share of crooks (including those bandwagon trapos who jumped off GMA”s boat to ride on Aquino’s popularity).”

    Whoever wrote this has an axe to grind vs. the Hyatt 10 and Black and White Movement, don’t u think? Could be an insider within the Mar camp?

    • panday

      i’ve seen that same article posted in this blogspot no less than three times already. yes noy has acknowledged that it may not be monsod who wrote it after all but he/she still keeps on posting it.

  20. cebuano

    i like this blog, i see it more as informative than as a cheap smear campaign on sen. noy.

    he’s just not the ideal president

  21. ABCDEF

    hindi naman martial law eh, pikon lang talaga mga supporters ni noy. ano ba masama sa sinabi namin na wala siyang naipasang batas? a legislator is a person who writes and passes laws. one thing na nakuha ni noy eh write lang ng write but hindi naging laws. ano masama doon? totoo naman yun di ba?

  22. Honorato

    Anong smear campaign? Basahin mo nga ito ng malaman mo kung anong klaseng tao si Noynoy!



    Alam mo bang si Noynoy bumoto siya para wag iplay ang recording ng hello garci. Pliz.

  23. Suzy Santos

    Great blog! Keep it up!!!

  24. JK _ MNOP

    I love Ninoy and Corry but I want the next president to be competent, not backed up legions “educated people” but lack the ability to see and read track records, accomplishments and leadership skills. Noynoy is not Corry nor Ninoy. History is for the books the present and the future are for people who still lives and “think”. Clean people cannot do the dirty jobs – jobs that are necessary to fight those people who use human emotions, empathy and popularity just for their own sake…

  25. julia

    these pro-noy people are strange. they shout “democracy” but cannot countenance a different opinion. they say they worship “truth” but will only see things their narrow way. they talk of a “battle between good and evil” but will not allow that others could in good faith question their self-righteousness. they say their candidate “has done nothing wrong” when he has only done nothing. they say they represent the aspirations of all filipinos but question the patriotism of those who hold a different political position. beware the zealotry, the bigotry, the self-advertised moral ascendancy of the pro-noy!

  26. madlangtute

    noynoy bobo promise. hindi ako binayaran. ako pa magbabayad pra maliwanagan lahat ukol sa kabobohan ni noynoy. WORST PART is NAGTATALITALINUHAN NA SYA NGAYON? BAKET? anong meron? TUMALINO BA XA??? ASANN??? may puso? saging nga may puso eh. PERO BUTI PA SISIG MAY UTAK! eh yan si anak ni cory? daig pa ng sisig. sana magpaulan ng munting kaliwanagan sa isipan ng mga supporters ni noy. pls lng tlga! kwawa pilipinas pag nagkataon.

  27. wtfnoy

    i’m sorry to say this but he really is down right stupid. i read that he was pikon about an interview when he was asked to answer first and he accused the interviewer of being bias because of that. what the hell is that?!

  28. Y?ohnoy


    If you got the balls to air your criticisms on Noy, then you should have the same balls to campaign or even mention your favoured presidentiable….

    So, ohnoy, who is it? and why he/she should be the next president?

    • cath

      if ohnoy would do what you are suggesting , that would seem like smear campaigning already for noynoy.
      this is not a smear campaign site. this is a blog site.
      it’s his/her right to keep his/her choice for president private.

    • wtfnoy

      cath is right. what’s important is that he gets his main message out: Noy2 sucks 🙂

  29. arm

    I appreciated all the information on the blog. As the others have stated, it isn’t actually a smear campaign. It is up to the reader to leave the site “thinking” what his/her stand is vis-a-vis the said candidate. Hinde naman kailangan maging Noy hater. Kailangan lang maging open na baka nga ay hinde naman talaga siya ang best option ng bansa. Nothing wrong with that.

    Go Ohnoy! You are, indeed, doing all of us service!

  30. kingcharacters

    hi oh noy… wow, this blog made me a fan of yours… just very articulate, stimulates my brain to think twice…

    Never did i made myself a fan of noynoy… a man without a substance, just making “paasa to the “OH SO CLEAN” name he’s got from the Aquino’s. For me, just being clean IS NOT ENOUGH! I don’t want the 15th President of our Republic to be lacking on his Substance.

    Blog comment: kagaya ng pinost ni luraaa, we suggest to have a recent post to the right of this blog (the thinner column). else, its good… I hope you’ll not reformat your blog because i like the theme, very readable.

    That’s all 🙂

    Most certainly being in the Ateneo doesn’t follw that one is bright. I am certain that there are student’s there who are just contented to pass their works

  31. cath


    thank you very much.
    sad to say, some people can be really pushy and senseless at the same time.

    sabi nga nila: ‘mahirap ipaintindi ang mga bagay-bagay sa taong ayaw umintindi.’

  32. Anthony

    er, Winnie Monsod herself issued a disclaimer – she never wrote that “Why I will vote for noynoy”

  33. Anthony





  34. Anthony


    a comparison between Gibo and your belove Noynoy:

    people reject Gibo because of his association with Gloria

    people choose Noynoy because of his parents

    can’t you see something wrong here – the basis for rejecting and choosing a candidate is something outside the person of the candidate!

    Whatever Gibo’s personal worth (as a candidate) may be, is negated by Gloria

    No matter how incompetent Noynoy may be, it is compensated by pedigree!!!

    can’t you still see what’s wrong??

    i’d even choose Nick Perlas or JC Delos Reyes over Noynoy!

    • arm

      Nic Perlas is a viable candidate-not just a slot to which people refer that they would vote over other “winnable” candidates.

  35. Anthony

    Gibo – Galing at Talino

    Villar – Sipag at Tiyaga

    Bro Eddie – Diyos at Bayan

    Noynoy – Mommy at Daddy

  36. Tommyboyblue

    I have read some parts of Ms. Monsod’s statement and i cant help,but stop…NoyNoy’s clean record ????are you Fu…kidding me ??? you are as pretentious as you look,Why dont we go back to the many unanswered questions of his pork barrel,of that Security Agency,and of course that Massacre, and the aftermath…I really wonder what position in NoyNoy’s Administration,you are eyeing on, cause its seems like you like to twist a lot of stories, and use your position to promote it, but then again,Who would’nt,But to keep on insisting that Noynoy is clean and honest is nothing but a propaganda on your part..you and the Black and White movement…Hypocrite-

  37. thinker-belle

    Winnie Monsod has denied writing that piece of pro-Noynoy crap. She even said it was insulting because of its bad grammar usage =P

    OhNoy, thank you for doing us this HUGE favor. I hope your blog will be read by more and more people who are still undecided whom to vote for.

    We deserve a president who is capable of lifting the country out of its current misery; not someone who seems to have been hailed a “savior” just because they “feel” that a legacy that once united the Filipinos now rests on their hands, when clearly, their so-called “track record” (wait, is there even any?) proves otherwise.

  38. Maerap ng maNOYNOY

    I agree. Dami ng nag@g0 ng abiascbn. Yun lang ata source ng mga pro noynoy. Pathetic.

  39. Marlo Flores

    I stumbled upon your blog scouring the net for news from the home country. You articulate my views really well. I am going to recommend your blog to my friends. Many of them are “maka-Gibo”. The rest of my family were pro-Noynoy until I convinced them that he is just another emperor without clothes. I myself have no intention to vote as an act of boycott.

    I am not very patriotic but I feel proud for reducing Noynoy’s tally by five come election day.

    Keep up the good work and Godspeed!

    • it is your right not to vote as it is your right to do so also, especially if you think that the multi-party system is BS, giving us a president like buwang-wang who was not voted by the majority of Filipinos coz most of them voted for various other candidates. the total of their votes, plus that of those who boycotted and was not able to vote is more than buwang-wang’s votes.

  40. political passerby

    nice blog…

    ever look into the angle that they have ‘let go’ of cory aquino a little too early than she should have…

    the timing is effing uncanny…

  41. Nova

    I would just like to comment on Noynoy’s supposed psychiatric evaluations. I believe that those documents are fakes. But still, I am no supporter. Someone who has gone through what he has been through would understandably have mental issues. Wouldn’t you be depressed if your dad was incarcerated during your formative years? He would have turned out to become a great leader if he actually opened himself up to learning from his parents. But unfortunately it does not seem that way.

    Honestly, if I was given a choice to vote Noy or Kris for president I would choose his crazy sister over him. At least she gets things done and doesn’t get pushed around by everybody. Fortunately we have better options than them. Thank God. I hope your blog gets read by more people.

  42. pinay in chicago

    my brother just forwarded me your blog and i really enjoyed reading it. i agree with you 100%. the facts, tied in with your humor and compelling writing will hopefully stop others from voting for noynoy. we don’t need another president who won’t do anything for our country. he is an opportunist riding the coat tails of his parents and taking advantage of the unfortunate and untimely death of his mother to bask in the political limelight. i hope the filipino will think twice before they vote. more power to you oh noy!!


  43. michael

    Noynoy vows he will never steal when records show that at the age of 26, he had a security agency with his initials (run by his uncle-in-law, Len Oreta) and which cornered deals with government-sequestered agencies and companies.
    The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act bans relatives of people in public office from doing business directly or indirectly with government. Santa Banana, Noynoy even had the temerity to list the agency’s address as the official presidential residence on Arlegui!
    This is the candidate that vows not to steal.(by Emil Jurado, Manila Standard Today, April 13, 2010)

    Naaawa ako sa mga pro noynoy…..walang kaalam alam sa kanilang kandidato

  44. thinker-belle

    Hey OhNoy, just wanted to share this article from The Daily Tribune. It’s a good wake-up call for the sea of yellow. I just hope they wake up before it’s too late.


  45. yon-yon


  46. RT

    Really want to vomit reading your malicious POSTS.

    Go do something – help the poor like what P-Noy, Kris and Shalani are doing!


    • Edward

      Oh please.

      Helping when the camera is on!

      What about Hacienda Luisita Massacre or the TRO on Agrarian Reform. That’s the best way to help the poor especially that farmers constitute the majority of the poor!

    • ArticleRequest

      Noynoy, Shalahani, and Kris helped the poor??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When? The guy has never done any socio civil work experience in his 12 years of “service”. And zero key achievements as a legislator. Teka, whose money was spent during his 12 years of do nothing “service”? Taxpayers! Sa imbes na tulungan ang mahirap, pinapahirap lalo ang mga nagbabayad ng buwis. Noynoy is one of the Senates biggest spenders. Nothing wrong with that (initially) but he has done next to nothing. Sayang ang pera natin no? Do we have a right to criticize him for that? Hell yes.

      Kahit isang ospital o eskwela sa distrito niya hindi niya kaya. Si Noynoy 12 years sa Kongreso at Senado at wala pang Key/Solid Achievements sa buhay niya at ngayon lang kikilos dahil namatay yung nanay niya.

    • ALJID

      Malicious yung puro dada lang nang dada gaya ng ABias-CBN.

  47. Pia Rekorte

    Are you insecure, are you trying to backstab people so that you can hide your own weaknesses? WTF. Show yourself… If you can. Ano ka, grotesque? Shame on you. Don’t worry, we’re gonna report this page. 🙂 Die now, kill yourself. 🙂

    • ALJID

      Report this page? Gusto niyo kay AbNoynoy lang pabor ang balita? Idol mo siguro mga reporter ng ABiaS-CBN no? Sumama ka sa kanila total kaya mong sikmurain baluktot na pamamalita..

  48. dickhead

    may naligaw palang bobo at tanga na bumoto kay noynoy dito. hahahahah

  49. i waited for buwang-wang to win talaga. he and his cohorts deserve to be cooked on the grill this time. matagal rin nilang niluto si GMA naman so it’s time they experience how it is to really work on a daily basis. ayan nga andami nang blunders sa 1st 6 days pa lang. at nagtataray pa sa press na dati nilang ka-chummy. this is the era when they will learn that hard work is not what they used to do na pabandying-bandying lang sa dilim. and we have two presidents by the way — buwang-wang and his wife de facto. it’s a family thing. his family’s.

  50. At sa mga nagrereport sa blog na to para mawala, mas maganda nga yan nang mapatunayan nang start na yan ng oppression of our right to express our beliefs. back to the days of martial law. hooray! kung dati nga eh ginagawa nilang clown image ang mukha ni GMA pati presidential seal eh binababoy, tapos now that buwang-wang is president biglang sasabihin “let’s all unite and respect asususus”

    • ALJID

      You couldn’t have said it any better. OK lang laitin si Gloria na wala na silang tinitirang respeto. Pero di puwedeng laitin si Noynoy. He is God, he can’t do no wrong. What a double standard..

  51. True. Double standard. Baka di nila naisip na ang ama ni Noynoy na si Ninoy eh mysteriously absent sa meeting de avance sa Plaza Miranda bombing noon where he was supposed to attend >> “More horrendous is the lingering widespread suspicion that he purposely did not attend an LP meeting de avance at Plaza Miranda which he was supposed to emcee. Already believable is: Ninoy knew the communists would bomb the makeshift stage at 10 in the evening to annihilate the party’s bigwigs, blame President Ferdinand Marcos for the carnage, and groom him as the sole surviving opposition challenger to the reelectionist Marcos. And where was Ninoy at 10 that night? At an insignificant despedida de soltera — to which I had also been invited — watching the rally on TV and looking fidgety until the grenades exploded shortly past 10.” (from http://www.tribuneonline.org/commentary/20100422com6.html)

  52. J

    Too afraid to tell the readers who you are?

    Look at the life you have first before looking at the lives of others as if you are the god of your own world.

    God bless you.

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