National Book Store releases its hostage

The book they don't want you to read. (photo from

For 200 pesos, you get the truth — a truth the yellows are ignorant of, or choose to ignore. Lapping up the yellow soup, after all, is best when you don’t know what actually goes into it. You see it for what it parades to be — an appealing and bright-colored foodstuff.

But just like junk food, it’s not healthy for you at all.

“Greed & Betrayal: The Sequel to the 1986 EDSA revolution” by veteran journalist Cecilio Arillo, was published in 2000 — and the author almost didn’t live to write or see it.

On the introduction, penned by the late former Manila Times publisher Adrian Cristobal, we read that “Cecil”

“… had his travails under three administrations. He was incarcerated under the Marcos martial law regime for his stories on the irregularities in the sugar industry. Under the Aquino administration, he was again arrested on Dec. 9, 1987, by troops led by Brig. Gen. Ramon Montano, and jailed without formal charges; after that, armed men broke into his offices and carted off his documents and other valuables; then in 1990, the Department of Justice, under Sen. Frank Drilon, charged him with rebellion. In 1992, unidentified men machine-gunned his house. In 1998, under the Ramos administration, the Justice Department, whose chief was Sen. Teofisto Guingona, implicated him in the 1986 kidnapping and double murder of labor leader Rolando Olalia and his driver, Leonor Alay-ay.”

Going after the truth, after all, has its risks.

But Arillo was neither cowed nor silenced. This book testifies to that. Arillo is not caught up in the emotional, fuzzy feeling that followed EDSA. He was discerning and, like a good researcher (a writer must be this as well), knew how to back up his conclusions with hard facts — often from the very men who defined our history.

So when Arillo writes: “Marcos resorted to propaganda hyperbole to obscure his failure; Aquino did the same with her yellow banners and confetti,” we are compelled to pay attention.

“… the popular impression that recalcitrant politicians and rebel soldiers were to blame for her government’s failure and economic debacle, as repeatedly dished out by her paid local and international propagandists, deserve a thorough review because neither the rebel soldiers nor the politicians were in charge of the country during her term.

President Aquino and her bumbling Cabinet were.”

No, the late president did not get off that easy. The icon of democracy, as Arillo tells us, was long on rhetoric and short on action.

In clear words, he crystallizes the truth for us. Journalists, after all, are trained not to gloss over or muddle facts with obscure words. Take his writing as it is. There is no doubt what message he’s delivering.

To know our future, we must know our past, indeed.

On page 13, Arillo writes: “On trumped-up charges filed by the Department of Justice, then under lawyer Frank Drilon, President Aquino imprisoned Enrile, the man who led the EDSA mutiny, and some of the people who supported him.

Next, she persecuted her own political enemies and allies, including Salvador Laurel, her own vice president; businessman Eduardo Cojuangco, her own cousin who was a close Marcos associate; Ramon Mitra Jr., the Speaker of the House who objectively pointed out some of the serious defects of her government; and key members of the Rebolusyonaryong Makabansa (RAM), whose members guarded her and her ballots during the snap elections, and subsequently staged rebellion that ousted Marcos and handed her the power on a silver platter.”

We Filipinos are known for being a forgetful lot — and that’s why there continue to be people who fall for the same routine all over again.

The lesson of the past is clear: the Aquino administration was neither ideal nor righteous. To those wise enough to study, or old enough to remember, Tita Cory’s rule was marked by a lot of things other than being the one who restored democracy.

There was truly greed and betrayal.

He (Laurel) recalled that only an hour after their oathtaking, President Aquino, in reading Proclamation No. 1, wanted to appoint Enrile and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Fidel V. Ramos in acting capacities only.

It was only through the intervention of the late VP that Cory dropped the “acting” from the titles.

The Cory government was also one marked by an excessive number of people on the public payroll. As revealed by Enrile on Sept. 22, 1990, there were 34 Cabinet Secretaries, 188 undersecretaries, and 900 assistant secretaries in the Aquino Cabinet.

Compare this to Indonesia (biggest ASEAN country in terms of govt and population) which had 21 Cabinet Ministers, 21 secretary generals,

Indeed, it is correct for Arillo to say that Cory was on top of a “government by trial and error.” And the bureaucracy was an “adhocracy” or “one that resorted to day-to-day damage control instead of formulating short-term and long-term programs that would serve as guides in running the affairs of the nation.”

From 1986 to 1991, the Aquino government made no less than 27 ad-hoc committees.

One could go on and romanticize over the past — how great Cory was, how prayerful, how saintly. But we need to be fair in our assumptions. When there is abundant information to the contrary, should we still lap up what the Aquino children put on our plate?

If National Book Store had done what was right and didn’t pull out this important book from their shelves during the campaign period, there might have been more people who thought twice about flashing the Laban sign or going yellow.

Last time I checked, we have not been bought off by the Aquinos. We are not beholden to them outside of the supreme sacrifice of Benigno Aquino Jr. Ninoy — not Noynoy, or even Cory — stood for the masses and envisioned a country of free men. He harbored no ill will against his enemies and called not for the persecution of his enemies.

When history judges the Noynoy rule, I share in the hope that it would be fair and good. For the sake of everyone, I am hoping that Noynoy does well, yes.

But all the signs say otherwise, if he is, indeed, the son of his mother, God rest her soul.



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Tula para kay Baby James

James, Baby James: "Hindi bawal mangarap... and now for my next song... Sulong Gibo!"

Baby James

O bakit ka sinumpong,

Sa araw na sinumpa?

Nang ang tiyuhin mong espesyal,

Naluklok na pangulo ng bansa?

Astig pa naman ang shades mo,

Dilaw at malaki.

Kahit ang nanay mong si Kris,

Namumugto ang mga mata’t di ngumingiti.

Si Tita Shalani, dilaw na dilaw,

Magandang nobya.

Pero ano nga ba talaga ang plano,

Ni Tito P-Noy para sa kanya?

Ganda ng ngiti ni Tito,

Tanggal ang nicotine sa ngipin.

May stylist pa siya, si Tita Liz Uy,

Aba pwede, maganda din!

Pero parang naguguluhan ka yata,

Sa magulo at magarbong paligid.

Wala ang MVP mong tatay,

Kahit nandiyan si Josh, iyong kinakapatid.

Nandiyan ang mga tita, mga kaibigan, mga kakampi,

Pati mga dating sipsip sa lola mo ay nagsibalikan.

Pero wala pa din ang tatay mo sa iyong tabi.

Anak ng tokwa naman e bakit ka ba pinipilit,

Makipag-Kodakan kung di mo naman trip?

Bakit ka sasali kung wala ang iyong ama,

Mahirap bang intindihin yun ng iyong makulit na ina?

Wag ka nang umiyak, wag ka nang magwala,

Maaayos din ang lahat, makakapiling mo din siya.

Kung papalarin ka, aba malay mo,

May bago ka nang mommy — maganda at matino.

MVP ang erpat mo, First Lady ang ermat mo,

Maganda sanang kombinasyon.

Pero mahirap talaga kung ang pinakamahalaga,

Ay di pagmamahal kundi ambisyon.



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James is free; Liz Uy set to replace Shalani?!

James Yap finally gets a shot at a normal life! Congratulations!

Now it’s final (at least for today). Kris has officially split with James Yap. We’ve seen how the two put on their “we’re okay, really!” faces during the course of the campaign of kuya Noynoy (incidentally, doesn’t it bother you Kris doesn’t accord Noynoy that respect?) With the impending canonization, er, inauguration of our first special president on Wednesday, Kris has obviously seen no more use for the sperm donor.

Besides, Kris will be too busy playing first lady. She doesn’t have time for her husband – who can’t even pronounce “Josh” correctly (he says “Jos”). And if you think Shalani will play any sort of real or imagined role, the answer is a definite NO.

Shalani, as mentioned earlier here, will be eased out. Watch for the unceremonious dumping of Shalani. We heard a little birdie tweet she will be ditched in favor of Liz Uy. Of course you know her… she’s the ex of John Lloyd Cruz – who’s now gone on to a younger model named Shaina. As for Noy and Liz? Well, apparently the Aquinos think this is a better match because Liz comes from a better (read: moneyed) family. Oh well. At least Shalani got a council seat for her trouble. We heard that Liz Uy will be made an official stylist of the president-HELLect first, then their love will bloom like a blister in the sun (apologies to Violent Femmes).

Wow, to go from John Lloyd to Noynoy! Can you imagine that? Talk about low standards. Hmmm… pwede na. Sige na nga. Presidente naman e!

Don’t you just love Noynoy?

* * *

We wait with baited breath for the unlikely and nauseatingly real swearing in of P-Ngoy on Wednesay. We’re getting the day off to witness the event – but I think the lot of us will be better off watching the slew of great films this time. Can you stomach seeing the Aquinos in their smug, we-own-the-Philippines look? That would be really nauseating – and painful to watch.

Ah, my eyes! Arrrrgh!


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Peping starts talking smack; Mar should smack him back

The face that can sink a thousand ships.

Some people are downright unbelievable. They can think they can get away with thinly-veiled lies.

While we knew all along that he ditched Mar Roxas in favor of Apu, er, Jejomar Binay, former Tarlac Congressman and present presidential tiyuhin Peping Cojuangco said he “regrets” having supported Mar in the last elections.

In an exclusive interview with (where else?) ABS-CBN the Pepinggerer said he had enough of criticisms against P-Ngoy and his opportunistic family.

“Masama ang loob ko dahil imbes na gumawa sila ng tama, na magtulong-tulong ang lahat para makita ang problema ng ating mga kababayan na mahihirap, huwag na silang maghangad na maisolo ang administrasyon,” said Peping.

Cojuangco also insisted he supported Roxas amid rumors that he secretly backed Binay’s campaign.

Binay and the Cojuangco-Aquino families have long been political allies.

Binay was one of the human rights lawyers of MABINI. He helped in the 1986 people power uprising which installed Mrs. Cory Aquino to the presidency.

After the fall of the Marcos government in February 1986, Aquino appointed Binay officer-in-charge of Makati, and the Binay family has never lost control of the city since.

“I never, never campaigned for Binay. That’s very clear,” said the former Tarlac representative. “Pero itong nariring ko ngayon, baka mali ako. Maybe I should have supported Jojo (Binay).”

Cojuangco hopes that despite the criticisms against him, Aquino will listen to his advice, and that other people who helped in the campaign, will be given the chance to serve in his administration.

ABS-CBN tried to get the reaction of Roxas over Cojuangco’s statements, but Roxas declined to give a comment as of posting time.

Roxas lost a closely-fought vice-presidential race to Binay by around 720,000 votes. He intends to file an electoral protest.

So, now the tables are turned. It is Peping who takes issue against the very man they abandoned. Mar, gising!

* * *

Noy: "MMDA or DAR?" Binay: "DNB -- DI NA BALE! Abnoy ka talaga, Noy!"

No thanks, Homer! The drama of a Noynoy presidency has begun in earnest before the asswipe takes his oath.

Reports GMANews.TV: The two (Homer and Apu) had a nearly two-hour meeting Wednesday in Aquino’s residence on Times Street, Quezon City, wherein Binay “reiterated… his decision to decline any Cabinet position so as not to burden the President and allow him to focus on the many challenges facing the nation,” Joey Salgado, Binay’s media affairs officer, said in a text message.

Translation: “Since Noy doesn’t want me for the position that I want (DILG), then he can go to hell. Good luck on your presidency, loser!”

The Tribune meanwhile reported that P-Ngoy was offering nothing more than the MMDA head honcho post to V-Nay. That is, of course, a slap on Binay’s face.

After Jejomar declined that offer, the Department of Agrarian Reform was offered him. Crap!

Binay should have offered to wipe P-Noy’s drool, instead.

The Tribune also reports that the P-Noy sisters, particularly Ballsy and Pinky, meddle in P-Noy’s selection process for his Cabinet.

* * *

James doesn’t do laundry in public: MANILA, Philippines – Professional basketball player James Yap has spoken about the reported serious rift between him and wife Kris Aquino.

“Sa totoo lang, pag dating sa personal na buhay ko, hindi ako nagsasalita. Kapag mga ganoon, akin na lang,” Yap told ABS-CBN News.

Translation: “Hindi ako KSP tulad ng misis ko.”

During the awarding ceremonies of People Asia’s “Men Who Matter” on Tuesday, the star player of B-Meg Derby Ace (formerly Purefoods) was surprised when told that Boy Abunda had confirmed their marital woes.

Yap said he was not aware of Abunda’s disclosure because he had been practicing the whole day on Tuesday.

“Wala akong alam dahil nag-practice ako kaninang [Tuesday] morning kasi may game ako,” he said.

Translation: “Oo, mas malapit si Kris kaysa sa kin. Kung di bakla si Boy e baka sila na.”

On Tuesday, Abunda confirmed that the high-profile couple was going through a tough time again, and that their latest marital problem could be the most serious incident.

It was on June 16 when Kris first admitted through her Twitter page that she and Yap had a “big misunderstanding.”

Stress and long hours spent during the campaign period took a toll on their relationship, said Kris, the lead star of ABS-CBN primetime soap opera “Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo.”

Six days after her tweet, which spawned numerous speculations, the couple had not yet solved their marital problems.

On “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon,” Abunda also confirmed that Aquino, his close friend, moved out of their home.

Like Aquino, Yap said his priority right now is their children, Josh and Baby James.

Meanwhile, Yap’s parents also reacted to the latest controversy. They said it was only normal for husband and wife to occasionally quarrel. -Report from Gretchen Fullido, ABS-CBN News

How long is this latest spat supposed to last? Well, expect them to patch up before June 30, said my friend – at least artificially. They have to show a brave, united front for the inauguration of P-Ngoy, of course.

* * *

The return of Manny V? The highly politicized and fractured LP cast of goons in the Senate are opening the doors to the comeback Manny Villar to the Senate presidency.

The LP has been divided in its support of two Senate president wannabes in Kiko (Tita Shawie) Pangilinan and Frank (sumo wrestler) Drilon — something that augers well for Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga.

Sen. Villar should prove to be a rock of sanity and competence in the sea of shit that is the Senate. Imagine if the LP controls that, too. A friendly Senate will assure that our inept president-elect (or, more correctly, KRIS) will have his way.


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Shalani on the way out?

Sha-loser? Note the worried look of Noynoy's uhm, er, what is she???

Just like yesterday’s news, Shalani Soledad seems destined to be tinapa wrapping. PNoy (poging Noynoy) can’t seem to decide on what to do with her. After helping him get the support of stupidly “kilig” voters, Shalani is now becoming increasingly irrelevant and marginalized.

At least Ogie and Dingdong were offered posts.

We saw how she was relegated to “OTHERS” status at the legislative proclamation of her BF (MU?) PNoy – where Noynoy didn’t even ask her to stand by him at the rostrum.

Now, we don’t even know who will be holding the Holy Bible at the formal inauguration of BSA (bullshit Aquino). The honor traditionally belongs to the spouse of the Chief Executive, but in Noy’s case, he has avoided answering definitively.

Oh Noy also heard a little birdie tweet that the Aquino siblings really don’t like Shalani (Kris has made that so clear), and that they are maneuvering for the young lady to exit her ugly BF’s life soon.

It’s all politics nowadays for this Aquino bunch. Politics and public perception.

* * *

Long live Corona! Noynoy BOO!

Displaying the true independence of the Judiciary from the Executive, Chief Justice Renato Corona – the same guy who PNoy (as in Pikon Noy) doesn’t want to swear him in – has “ordered a review of the long-standing labor dispute involving the vast estate of the family of president elect Benigno Aquino III in Tarlac,” according to the Philippine Star.

Poor Hacienda Luisita farmers (it is more proper to call them serfs, if we look at the way the Aquinos and Cojuangcos treat them) apparently wrote the Chief Justice, requesting him to review and act on an UNBELIEVABLE FOUR-YEAR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER against the distribution of the sugar plantation in accordance with CARP.

If you ask the Cojuangcos and Aquinos, they’d rather stick to the stupid SDO (stock distribution option) they forced down the throats of the farmers – not true land distribution as mandated by law. We know, of course, that (bless her soul) President Cory Aquino had conveniently excluded the Hacienda Luisita from agrarian reform – said to be the centerpiece of her administration.

The farmers wrote:

“It is in the highest interest of the Filipino people and farm workers of Hacienda Luisita to end this long-running feudal reign and exploitation with the immediate, unconditional and free distribution of Hacienda Luisita to 10,000 farm worker beneficiaries…”

The article continues thus:

Joined by Anakpawis party-list group and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan), members of the Hacienda Luisita unions have protested the move of the Cojuangco-Aquino family to put up fences around 170 hectares of the estate.

The Luisita Estate Management has been transferring hectares of lands to commercial banks and foreign commercial enterprises despite the TRO issued by the SC, the union members alleged.

Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano said Hacienda Luisita’s distribution to farmer-beneficiaries would remain “an impossible dream” under the Aquino administration.

“Another Aquino administration will provide the Cojuangcos all the political ammunition to deny farmers of their rights to the land,” he said.

Arthur Cadungon, Bayan-NCR spokesman, said Aquino should make himself accountable for the mass killing of farmers in Hacienda Luisita in November 2004.

“Like what he wants to do with the culprits of the Maguindanao massacre, we want to see how decisive Noynoy will end impunity in the country and how he will serve justice to victims of the brutal mass murder of farm workers of Hacienda Luisita,” he said.

Ayan, binoto-boto niyo ang berdugo, e.

* * *

Kris Aquino to SHUT THE TWEET UP?

PEP reports:

Kris Aquino: “I will suspend being active on Twitter”

Actress and TV host Kris Aquino-Yap posted in her Twitter at 5:40 p.m. today, June 18, that she plans to cancel the account. Her reason: To keep “what is left of our privacy.”

Known as itsmekrisaquino in the popular social website, the celebrity host’s tweet last week caught the public’s attention. She wrote (published as is): “Stress & long hours led to a big misunderstanding. I have never lied to all of u until now hindi pa completely na-fi-fix. That’s y I’ve just chosen to keep quiet since it’s something very private.”

The telling statement elicited several responses from her followers, and was picked up by the media. Though it did not turn into a full-blown showbiz controversy, Kris decided not to fan the flames.

Her latest tweet read: “I received this tweet several days ago—bakit hindi nyo minemention si james sa mga tweet nyo, only josh & baby james? I replied to it w/ honesty. My attention was called by Noy about this. So in the interest of keeping what is left of our privacy—I will suspend being active on twitter.”

Kris reasoned that leaving her Kapamilya talk shows, SNN and The Buzz, will not “make sense” if she maintains a public Twitter account, where her posts will be susceptible to judgment and speculation.

“Sometimes being quiet (obviously difficult for me) is the only prudent course when u r the sister of the country’s president elect. Thanks to all who followed my tweets,” she ended.

You think she can endure not hanging her dirty laundry in public for so long?

We know that Kris is such a media whore – delighting in exposing every minute detail of her life in every forum she can appear in.

As for her last tweet, we have known for so long already that trouble has been brewing in her sham marriage to James Yap.

As Mr. T so eloquently put it: I PITY THE FOOL!

Well, Kris, I hope you can resist not tweeting – and not commenting on TV, either.

Good luck to you with that one.

And James, good luck din sa yo, pare. Andami pa namang NORMAL na babae diyan e.


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Waiting for Kamag-anak, Inc.’s IPO

For love or love of money? Who can resist a shopping spree, ass-wipe? Inggit lang kayo!

Perhaps we all should have been given earlier notice about contributors and their “selfless” donations to the campaign kitty.

But, really, are you still surprised that the number one contributor to P-Ngoy is a Cojuangco? Mr. Tonyboy Cojuangco (also known as Gretchen Barretto’s PAPA) donated a cool P100 million in support of his nephew’s tomfoolery.

Oh, and did you know that P-Ngoy claimed to have received a total of P440,050,000 in contributions but only spent P403,119,981.81 during the campaign. The rest was used to get his Botox injections and teeth whitening sessions.

Back to Tonyboy, this indeed shows that blood is thicker than water – and that Kamag-Anak, Inc. is a great investment! Expect it to make an IPO soon.

* * *

Aquino investment: Meanwhile, the Kritch contributed P15 million, and other P-Ngoy sisters Pinky and Balsy gave P5M and P3M respectively. That really explains why James Yap is going after neighborhood girls. Out-of-town trysts can get real expensive, and Kritch holds all the money.

* * *

Do you have an appointment? P-Ngoy was quoted as saying “Thank you, at least it lessened my headaches” when he learned PAGCOR chairman and FG tropa Efraim Genuino resigned from his post even after getting a fresh appointment from PGMA.

Noynoy is now studying whether to appoint Ogie Alcasid to the post.

But, seriously, who’s going to solve OUR headache that is Noynoy?

* * *

What a Dick: I don’t know what to make of Sen. Dick Gordon’s recent display of support (affection?) for the President-HELLect.

“I am leaving it to the incoming president. I am very sure he will make a good decision for our country and hopefully they would be able to fix the problem of our country,” he said in an interview. “We will not always be fighting. I am willing to give my help if they would need it.”

We know, of course, that Dick had been very vocal about his distaste for P-Ngoy. Does he want a cushy post? Perhaps another stint at the DOT? Won’t be surprised if he does get it. C’mon Dick. Show some balls, too!

* * *

Eto nAPO siya: Speaking of DOT, some people are floating the name of APO Hiking’s Jim Paredes as Tourism Sec. That can save them a bundle on a theme song.

* * *

This little piggy: William (Bil-Billy) Esposo is so in-love with TJ Manotoc’s coined term “V-Nay” that he kept mentioning it ad nauseam in his column. Get a room, for crying out loud.

Anyway, he said that, among other things, P-Ngoy is wary of giving V-Nay the powerful DILG portfolio because he needs to consider that V-Nay is not an LP ally, and that “There is the pressure of how his defeated running mate Mar Roxas will feel about the V-Nay appointment. Being the good friend that he is, P-Noy has been bending over backward for Mar since Mar’s defeat became evident.”

Excuse me? Good friend? When did he actually display his being a good friend to Mar? When he eased him out of his Presidential ambition? When he made LAGLAG in favor of V-Nay? Friends like P-Ngoy are the type that would give you a gun if you were suicidal.


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When the problem is your face, how do you face the problem?

THE SIIIIIMPSSSSSOOOOONNNS! The most good-looking tandem ever in the history of Philippine government. NOT.

Curtain raiser (with apologies to Ricky Lo of the Star): Did you know what else Mr. PNoy did when he went for a weeklong breather after the elections? Well, if you will notice a couple of things different about his appearance, that should tell you.

First, he had Botox done to his oh-so-handsome face. Wow, sosyal!

Second, he had his nicotine-stained teeth whitened. Tip, Mr. President-elect: it would be cheaper to stop smoking like you promised.

* * *

Big Mike vs. Big Forehead: I never thought I’d see the day, but FG Arroyo actually made lots of sense as he chided PNoy about all the bitching and criticism he’s dishing out. Big Mike said that PNoy must think he’s still president of the opposition. He should stop dividing the nation and think about unity.

* * *

You may call me First Lady: Aside from looking smug, Kris seems to be consciously trying to be, well, CALMER. That certainly seems the case on her SNN program with Tourism Secretary Boy Abunda. You know she’s having a hard time censoring herself, so you just have to laugh and wonder when the real, MEAN, TACTLESS Kris will let go again.

But the meanness is still within. You can see it in her eyes. Maybe the evil can be surgically removed.

* * *

Not so fast, Apu! VP-elect Binay has apparently been thwarted by Homer Simpson-Aquino. Though very publicly saying he wants the DILG portfolio, Binay is by no means a lock. Noynoy is considering other candidates such as Cavite’s Jesse Robredo. In fairness, Binay seems to have forgotten that he ran under a DIFFERENT CANDIDATE and PARTY.


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